A Reflection on 3 Interior Trends from 2021

2021 has been another year for the history books. We entered the year going into a new lockdown but by summer many of us were able to enjoy a more 'normal' life, able to entertain friends and hug loved ones. This has also made it a very interesting year when it comes to interior design. Some of the trends have been a continuation from 2020's themes, whilst I've also spotted some new themes emerging.

So, as the year draws to a close, I've been digging through the archives and getting nostalgic over some of my favourite projects from the year. In this blog, I've pulled together 3 of the biggest interior trends from the past 12 months. Read on to join me in reminiscing. 

Repurposing and Rejuvenating Loved Pieces

After more months stuck between four walls, 2021 ended up being an incredible year when it came to reupholstery and makeover projects. It's been about taking something well-loved and used that might be beginning to tire over time and injecting brilliant new life into it. 

In one recent blog, we took you on a tour of some of our favourite armchair reupholster projects from the last year or so. It could also help with some inspiration for your armchair revamp - or if you just fancy a little nosy through some incredible transformations.

We love behind the scenes as much as you do! That's why earlier this year we shared the ultimate rejuvenating project and renovated a gorgeous cottage here in Yorkshire. We shared the process here on the blog which you can find here and here. We tackled everything from a fireplace revamp using Frenchic paint to reupholstering a bargain mid century sofa. 

Elsewhere, we've seen much loved kitchens get a facelift with a lick of paint. Windows have been transformed into beautiful seating and storage areas. And countless sofas, armchairs and stools have been given a new lease of life with new filling and finished with gorgeous fabrics.  

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Bold and Fun Patterns

2021 was the year we went all in when it comes to patterns. Whether it was a beautiful window surrounds for adding privacy and a touch of personality to a room, or an armchair transformation featuring a combination of bold fabrics, this year there has been a move towards designs full of personality. 

This is a trend that I can really get on board with. In fact, when renovating our cottage here in Yorkshire, we used a funky and uplifting fabric to add some wow factor to a tired chair. It works perfectly in one of the cosy nooks in the living room. 

Through our shop and bespoke services, in 2021 we've been helping you use personality filled blinds, curtains, cushions and chairs to spice up homes across Yorkshire. And we couldn't be happier about it!

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A Wellbeing Focus

Last year there was a real move towards bringing nature indoors and this trend was continued well into 2021 as we saw a focus on designing our interiors around our wellbeing. A big part of this involved incorporating plants and natural materials into our spaces to bring a sense of calm to our daily lives.

Our homes can have a great impact on our mental health, helping to define our mood on an almost daily basis. With this in mind, we've seen a clear trend with customers here at Grandad’s Shed to put happiness first when designing interiors.  

This was such a big trend that we even wrote a whole blog about it. Follow this link to learn about our favourite ways to design your space around your wellbeing.

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What interior trends have you spotted this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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