How to Design Your Home to Support Your Wellbeing

In 2020 we learned what perhaps we already knew deep down. That our homes are so much more than a place to eat meals and go to sleep. They’re where we feel a full spectrum of emotions, where we seek sanctuary from the outside world, spend time with loved ones and perhaps they’re even where we will continue to work into the future. 

Our homes can have a great impact on our mental health, helping to define our mood on an almost daily basis. With this in mind, we’re seeing a growing trend with customers here at Grandad’s Shed to put happiness first when designing interiors.  

That’s why today I’m going to share with you some of my favourite ways to give our wellbeing a boost with some simple upgrades to our home. 

Consider Your Needs

First up, it’s all about getting practical. We want a home that fits seamlessly with your lifestyle and hobbies. If you’re a social creature, emphasis on good seating could lead the way with your design. If you work from home and need to create some distinction between work and home life, this is going to require some clear zones throughout your home.

Interior design is all about maximising your space for your unique preferences. Doing this exercise first will help you focus not only on what your space is crying out for, but also what isn’t needed in your space. 

Hide it Away

We’re still sticking to a practical approach with this second step. This time, it’s about focusing your room so only the things we love are on display and everything else is neatly tucked away in it’s dedicated home. Paired back design is going to create a relaxing space. So, we look to streamline the room by creating clever storage solutions in the room and elsewhere to bring this sense of tranquillity into our homes.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Work with what you’ve got and make the most of the natural light flooding your home. This connection with the outside world is so important for a happy home. Perhaps it's building in a window seat surrounded by bookshelves for a mid-morning reading session with a cuppa? Or maybe it’s bouncing light into dark corners using clever mirror tricks. Topping up your vitamin D is a must in creating a happy environment in our homes.

Where natural light doesn’t reach, think about the light you’ll need in these spaces. Consider adding ambient, task and decorative lighting across your space for when the sun has set for the day. 

Go Back to Nature

Natural shapes and textures are a brilliant way to connect with nature, even on those dark winter days. And this has been proven to have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing. Try adding in linens, wicker and wool to add layers of interest into your space. And don’t forget to finish it off with a plant or two for a real mood boost.

Mood Matching Colours

Now, the colour doesn’t have to be a calming blue or green, but I suggest picking a colour that fits nicely into the feel you want out of the space. Brighter colours might boost your productivity whereas the blues and greens should bring a sense of tranquility to a space. Pick a colour that energetically matches your mood for your room and test it on the walls during different times of the day to see if it matches this as the requirements for the room change. This is important as often the function of our rooms change throughout the day, and we want to emphasise this using colour to feel aligned with our space.


What will you be adding to your home to help boost your wellbeing? Let me know in the comments below!

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