Elevate Your Sofa Experience 

When you think about it, a sofa is so much more than just a piece of furniture. It's the heart of your home, where memories are made, and connections are strengthened. It's the place where families gather at the end of the day, where laughter and tears are shared, where friends are entertained, and where you find the relaxation you deserve.

At Grandad’s Shed we understand the significance of your sofa. That's why we're on a mission to transform your humble sofa into something extraordinary. We believe that your furniture should reflect the unique personality of your family, and we're here to help you achieve that vision.

Give your special piece the attention it deserves, and let us breathe new life into it. Our skilled craftsmen can provide your sofa with a vibrant new lease of life, making it a true reflection of your style and personality. Make your sofa a statement piece that stands out in your home.

Discover the endless possibilities at Grandad’s Shed - Your sofa is not just a sofa – it's a canvas for your creativity and a source of comfort for your family. Embrace the uniqueness of your furniture and create lasting memories.




Out with the Old, In with the Nostalgia!


Chuck out the chintz and say hello to a wave of cherished memories. Meet Beverley, who lovingly rescued her Auntie Maude's old sofa, a piece filled with tales of weekend visits from her childhood. Those days were all about indulging in Battenberg cake and sipping pop while perched on Auntie's prized sofa.

And who could forget Pickles 🐶? While the grown-ups weren't looking, he'd sneak onto the sofa for those heartwarming cuddles ♥️.


These memories are the essence of what makes your furniture special. At Grandad’s Shed we understand the value of nostalgia. We're here to help you relive those moments, to revive the magic of yesteryears with our dreamy transformations.



Grandads Shed Yorkshire Upholstery transformation

Let us be your partner in bringing those heartwarming memories back to life. Trust us to transform your furniture into a piece that not only embraces the past but also adds a touch of magic to your present. Cherish the memories, and let us help you make new ones.



Discover Our Wide Range of Upholstery Services


At Grandad’s Shed we're not just passionate about sofas – we're passionate about preserving the beauty and comfort of all your treasured pieces. Whether it's a beloved armchair, a charming footstool, an elegant headboard, or even your dining chairs and window seats, we're here to breathe new life into your furniture.


But that's not all! We take our craftsmanship to new horizons. Yes, we even offer upholstery services for boats and motorbike seats. Our skilled artisans have the expertise to transform and upholster these unique items, ensuring they match your style and stand the test of time.


Your cherished possessions deserve the best care, and our team is ready to deliver just that. Contact us today, and let's discuss how we can enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your favorite pieces. Trust Grandads Shed for all your upholstery needs!


Grandads Shed Yorkshire Reupholstery Chaise transformation


Grandads Shed Re-upholstery Yorkshire Armchair



Our Made To Measure Upholstery is at the heart of what we do, its where our expertise and creativity truly come into their own.

Our dedicated team of in-house makers can transform your favourite fabric into a bespoke upholstered headboard which is beautifully made and skilfully finished to any size or shape


Enquire now


Grandads Shed Yorkshire Headboards custom made


Quotations are free and there's no obligation. 

We can either visit your home to assess your project or you can email  details of your special piece and we will be able to quote. 

If you are unsure of a look or finish, we are happy to advise and help choose an appropriate fabric 


Grandads Shed Yorkshire Custom made headboard


A stunning collection of beautful prints on choice of fabrics, velvet, chenille, linen, wools 

Grandad's Shed Re-upholstery Yorkshire Moon Voyage Mason Harris Tweed Linwood Harlequin


1 - We carefully remove all existing upholstery down to the bare wood

2 - We Inspect the frame and tighten all joints where necessary

3 - We then Replace webs and springs as required

4 - We replace all old padding and stuffing where required

5 - Finally, we reupholster your chair, sofa or footstool in the fabric of your choice

At every step when we reupholster your furniture, you can expect our Grandad’s Shed five star service. 

Grandad’s Shed prides itself on its people. Our upholsterers have over 40 years worth of knowledge and expertise to ensure your project is completed to the highest of standards