Our Favourite Armchair Transformations: Chapter 1

Armchairs are one of those pieces that, when done right, can travel with you through life. It's your right hand piece of furniture, an investment piece that will see many morning coffees and evening glasses of wine in its lifetime. So it's no surprise that one of our favourite services here at Grandad's Shed is Reupholstery, taking a tired chair and breathing new life into it.

To help with some inspiration for your armchair revamp - or just if you fancy a little nosy through some incredible transformations, in this blog I'm going to share with you a selection of our favourite recent armchair reupholstery projects. Prepare to be amazed! 

Armchair Transformation 

These two very sad looking armchairs had a complete transformation into this handsome duo with our reupholstery service.

Grandad's Chair Revival

This client was gifted her dear Grandad's Chair. She loved it dearly but wanted to give it a new lease of life. We think gorgeous fabric really does the original chair justice.

Family Heirloom

As a little girl aged 5 she can remember her Dad taking her to buy her own special chair from a man who worked in a old mill. She remembers the dust and the large windows. She has cherished this little chair for over fifty years but it was kept hidden away in a cupboard. So when our client lost her Dad, she brought out the little chair. We worked together to lovingly restore the chair using soft Moon wool fabric to match her current decor. It's a true heirloom that will be passed on through the family for many decades to come.

Armchair and Footstool Duo

Check out this absolute stunner! Gemma was delighted with her new reupholstered armchair and footstool. She loved the softness of the velvet fabric and it reminded her of pebbles on a beach.

Matching Cushion Combo

This client had two nursing chairs that her mum had left her. She wanted to bring them in line with the current style of her room. The original fabric was dull and lifeless. The challenge was to find a timeless weave fabric to recover them that worked with the style and the rug. We finished the chairs with this gorgeous Kilim small-scale motif fabric inspired by Persian rugs from the bazaars. Don't they look at home in the bay window? To tie everything in further, we made some extra cushions for her current sofa. 

Classic Checks

Here’s a complete armchair transformation! And it arrived just in time for Christmas. We loved working with this beautiful Moorland wool fabric to breathe new life into this armchair with a fresh palette in a classic check. The result really sets off my clients room - and works perfect with her beautiful Christmas tree during the winter months.

Our Own Transformation

We couldn't go through this blog without featuring our own piece from our little cottage. We recovered this lovely old armchair in the most amazing fabric from Linwood. It works perfect in one of the cosy nooks in the living room, bringing life and fun into the corners of the space.

Two Tone Armchair

What a beauty! Judith bought this cute nursing chair over 40 years ago and it was ready to be made lovely again. I mixed up a soft subtle grey herringbone wool fabric on the back and sides to contrast with the darker wool on the front and finished the buttons to match. It's now repurposed and has a special place in the bedroom. The headboard is next!

‘Morning Vicki, We are blown away by the chair, the quality of the finish is fabulous and the two tone we really like, so much so we would like quotations for other pieces. We have realised how scruffy some of our old furniture is!’


Interested in an armchair transformation for your home? Discover more about our reupholstery service. 

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