2020 Interior Design Trends

As we welcome in the New Year we also often find ourselves working on our new resolutions and new goals. And this year, the welcoming on a brand new decade.

For us here at Grandad's Shed in Pocklington, it's also means looking at the new trends and ideas for your homes. Because with the Christmas decorations cleared out, we're filled with inspiration to give our tired spaces a 2020 refresh. 

To help you make sense of all the styles, I’ve researched trends for the New Year to inspire you for your new projects. So, here's my run down of the top trends that will see you through the 2020's...

Dark wood furniture  

Light wood has been centre stage for a number of years but darker tones are creeping in as a trend. And they're set to stay!

Darker, richer wood bring a sense of luxury and elegance. To achieve this style, I’m seeing an emergence of gorgeous cocobolo wood and muted walnut as well as deep wood washes. Sometimes these darker shades appear as new pieces and others are beautiful antiques or re-loved items.

We know that unique pieces of furniture for the home, whether antiques, retro or one-off designed pieces have always been popular, but now more than ever they're popular for the sake of the environment too. The appeal to buy dark wood antiques or old pieces has grown as nothing needs to be produced from scratch, simply restored with a bit of loving care and attention. 

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Natural Accessorising

The award for the hippy-est trend of 2020 goes too... Natural Fibres.

You can transform your home into a natural haven by adding fibres such as wicker, jute or rattan. They add a subtle textural expression to the home interior.

My favourite thing about this style is that it works within any styling. 

Shop the Look: Rattan Lantern

This trend will grow and we may delve further into natural silk upholstery, hemp curtains or even cork walls. As long as it’s raw and untreated, it’s going to be welcome in the home during the 2020's.

Wallpaper becomes Wall Art 

Nature is calling in a more bold way on wall coverings. We're certainly answering back. 

From quirky fabrics to lush wallpaper, art no longer needs to live inside a frame. Your whole wall is now taking centre stage. Wallpaper is the protagonist in 2020, and plants are the supporting artists. They can even be surreal and fantastical like our Botanical wallpaper range. 

Take a look at our beautiful botanical prints...

We’ve demonstrated this gorgeous idea on one of our walls in store, have you spotted it? Our collection of botanical and exotic jungle wallpapers are designed to calm, soothe and stimulate creativity. All things we're looking to achieve in 2020 and beyond.

Paint Colour trend for 2020!

Each year I dig deep into the trend forecast by paint companies. It seems ‘Neo-Mint’ is the colour for this year. Think of it as the green version of millennial pink. It's a good punchy colour.

Now, I'm not convinced that we're all going to cover our walls from floor to ceiling in the colour. But I do see it as an exciting way of injecting colour especially as we move into spring and are on the market for a bit of colour to brighten up these grey days. 

To achieve the look, take a neutral background and add accents in the form of painted furniture or soft furnishings. Or take a nod to this trend with our Butterfly Poster in a Hanger. It's a brilliant way of hitting the bold natural trend too. Win-win!

For a paint colour, try these great retro-tinged mint hues: ‘Retro Jade’ by Designers Guild and Green Verditer by Little Greene.

Indoor gardens will blossom

Indoor gardens are the chicest thing around. I’m seeing more and more popularity of these through Pinterest and home interior shows.

Houseplants are promoted as wellbeing essentials, and as more people focus on inner calm and mental health, miniature gardens will make their way inside. These come in all shapes and types depending on your preference.

We recently spoke about the benefit of greenery in your home office. Did you know it can improve productivity? Read more here.


Olive and Lemon trees bring wonderful Italian vibes but a succulent arrangement will fit smaller spaced homes. Vines take slowly but surely control every green corner you offer them.

You can even use greenery as a room divider or use a giant green plant can become a focal point in your room.


Every year lighting is a crucial part of interior decorating. And the correct use it will transform your rooms, adding more than just light! In the 20's, trends are all about making lighting into a feature...

I’ve talked about the emerging trend of botanicals and nature inspired decor and bringing fresh, green foliage into our homes in the form of wallpaper, fabrics and upholstery. It is also moving into luxury lighting, with a whole range of fun and quirky lamps, pendants and even chandeliers, based on the big, bold botanicals.

I love these fantastic leafy designs but do plan your lighting scheme carefully – unless you want it to look like Kew Gardens!

Shop the look: Palm Tree Table Lamp

With the emphasis on nature and environmental friendliness in a lot of these trends, why not have a look at our gorgeous new chandeliers with wood beadwork or basket pendant lights available in store?

Floor lamps provide a subtle accent light to add to your room’s existing lighting. A geometric idea of three legs or an unusual angle give a nod to the 60’s mood and make it worth a second glance.

Alternatively, wall sconces are ideal for accent lighting and can be hung to draw attention to artwork or provide light for reading when hung over the bed. In a design revolution that is favouring space-saving, they are the perfect solution.

Gold and copper metals are leading the way for this year and they should be bold and lack any kind of brass colouring that may dull the colour.

Lighting fixtures are a great way to incorporate hints of gold in your interior design. Go for large gold fixtures and don’t be afraid to mix them with other metals like nickel or oil rubbed bronze.

Recessed lighting is still a modern favourite. It gives a sleek, elegant look, works as a space saver and provides excellent overall illumination. It can also be easily integrated into just about any room decor.


So, todays lighting trend is not just about lighting fixtures but the type of light bulbs being used. LED lighting is preferred because it is long lasting, energy efficient and it does not contain any toxic materials that can be harmful to the environment.

These bulbs come in all shapes and sizes with frames that are as creative as any imagination.

So, there you have it. My run down of the top trends for interior design in 2020. Which will you be adding to your home?

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