Tips to Transform your Home Office

So all the Christmas decs are packed into boxes and stored back in the attic. With the house looking a little naked without all the tinsel, it's the perfect time to plan some exciting changes for the New Year.

I'm starting with the home office this January. It's a brilliant place to start in the new year but it does need some careful consideration.

Whether it's a creating an effective corner of your living room or a full space to overhaul, here’s our tips to help you create the perfect cosy set productive working area in your home.

1. Get inspired. 

You may have a dedicated room or a small corner in your room - but both need to be functional and inspiring. To get the ball rolling, we recommenced getting stuck into some inspiration.

It really does help to look through magazines or Pinterest before starting a project like this. Use it to find a style that fits your look and will inspire you in your space.

This might be my favourite step in any room transformation! Here at Grandad's Shed we start every project with a Pinterest board. 

Interested in how to make your own mood board?

Take a read of this blog for more.

2. Surface space.

For any functional office and a functional working environment, you'll need ample work surfaces. This comes first on our list of items to check off. 

3. Lighting.

But where do you place your new desk?

Well, natural lighting can transform your productivity as you work. If you're doing anything creative this is even more important! We recommend placing your desk or table in front of or adjacent to a window. 

If this isn't possible, try using specialised lighting to create a brightly lit area. 

4. Storage space.

What is it that they say?  Tidy desk, tidy mind!

When I'm working I need to have a clear space. If like me, you become easily distracted. To keep focused at your desk it’s important to keep the environment clutter-free. Clever storage is an absolute must, especially if the space is on the small side. 

The go-to options are shelves or bookcases. However, exposed shelving will benefit from having consistent coloured files. You may wish to consider a closed cupboard as exposed clutter can cause stress. It creates a calming and uniformed space to keep us distraction-free! 

Finally, your storage needs to be accessible. There's nothing worse than digging around in a pile of stuff to find that one document, trust me! Make sure those items you need every day are within reach - you'll thank yourself later.


5. Go bespoke. 

Offices tend to be in the box room or a tricky nook in a larger room. They're often difficult to find the right furniture to fit. That's when you might benefit from going bespoke. You can really make the most of those awkward spaces.

For example, it is practical to build in a unit to - say - an alcove up to your ceiling height. This is a sure way to utilise your space.

6. Add some greenery.

Did you know that having greenery in your office has been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity? That's why I've added some gorgeous greenery - real and faux to my own space. 

If you're not up for keeping an indoor plant alive, our faux plants and foliage may be a good option.


If you're looking for a helping hand with your room overhaul, get in touch today to see how we can help. Take a peek at our bespoke services here

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