Myths About Hiring an Interior Designer

Today on the blog, we're on a mission to put some myths about hiring an interior designer to rest. Spoiler alert: they're not as expensive as you think, your project isn't too small and it doesn't involve turning your home into a personality lacking showroom! 

1. "Interior Design Is Expensive"

Let's start with the biggest misconception when it comes to hiring an interior designer: the price. It's often assumed that the advice of a professional interior designer is a luxury that they can't afford, but it's a service just like any other. More often than not, people just need a bit of guidance and a sense of direction to help them achieve the home of their dreams.

In fact, working together on a project can often save you money because it helps you avoid costly mistakes in the long run whilst also sourcing products at a great price. 

Our packages start from as little as £60. Take a look here to find out more and get in touch.

2. "Interior Designers Will Ignore My Taste"

The foundations of working with an interior designer are for them to get to know you, your home and your tastes. That also means if there are two of you fighting it out over different styles, a designer is there to find a happy middle ground.

I believe individual consultations in client homes are invaluable for inspiring fabrics, furniture design and paint colour choices, giving window treatment advice, deciding how best to use a space, addressing lighting challenges and discussing room décor.

Like it's owner, each home is unique and working together on an interior project is all about optimising a space for you. 

3. "Interior Design Won't Be Practical"

If you think interior design is all fluff and no substance, we're pleased to say you're mistaken! We take time to understand your goals for a space and any problems you are struggling within it. Of course, aesthetics are important. But there's no point in having a gorgeous looking space you can't use. 

From lighting schemes to selecting pieces for visual balance, careful colour considerations to storage solutions, here at Grandad's Shed, we pride ourselves on functional solutions to your everyday problems. Take a look at this blog for some clever built in storage solutions

Bright room with patterned blind

4. "Interior Design Is a Final Thought in a Renovation"

Interior design shouldn't be the last thought in a renovation or build. In fact, it should be right there at the start of the process to ensure work is done with your end goal in mind. 

5. "My Room Is Too Small for an Interior Designer"

Your home is where you likely spend the most amount of time so it's vital it's a space that brings you joy. In small spaces, clever design ideas are often needed more than ever to create space saving solutions that make a house a home. 

If you're looking to dip your toe into the world of working with an interior designer, try picking the room that you spend most time in. If you work from home, perhaps that's your office? Or if you enjoy hosting friends and family perhaps it's your living-dining space that requires the most attention? 

Sound like a good idea?

If you'd like to chat more about the best services for you, get in touch today. Take a look here to find out more about Vicki Kress Interior design services and get in touch.

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