Top tips to light up the night

...Magical Lighting

Clocks are due to be put back an hour this Sunday 27th October so I always like to plan some ambient glow lighting so there is a softer light rather than the glaring main light on the ceiling. This creates a cosier vibe and helps us relax more on an evening rather than noticing the dreary darker nights.

I like to bake more in the autumn season and snuggling up on the sofa watching bake off while nibbling home-made shortbread needs the perfectly lit room.

Here are a few tips to create a perfectly lit space... (Click the images to view items and others in the collection)

1 - Change bulbs

Change your bulbs from harsh light to a soft glow, add industrial bulbs for a warmer colour and turn your dimmer switches down a little to create the perfect, relaxing home.

2 - Garland Lights

Garland lights are my favourite for a calming atmosphere. Hang them around your mantel piece to make your room feel just a little bit magical, they always look beautiful and can actually be functional too, offering a small peek of light but not quite enough to see clearly in the dark, giving a calming and cosy feeling.

3 - Children's Lighting

Lighting can also make a big difference to your child's bedroom. A light with a magical glow will create a calming environment for your little one to be relaxed and get their imagination going ready for a good night's sleep. And don't forget those fairy lights if your child is too old for a nightlight but still likes a little light.

4 - Alternative to Candles

Virtual candles are perfect for the shelf, coffee table, mantle piece or sideboard in your living room. They give a cosy vibe when you're snuggled up on the sofa. They are run on batteries and last around 80 hours, can be set on a timer and most importantly they are very safe and never burn down.

5 - Lanterns aren't just for Summer!

Everyone needs a Moroccan lantern in their home this winter. Carved into these lanterns are beautiful patterns, creating amazing atmospheres when a candle is alight inside.  These dazzling designs radiate a lovely warm glow all around the lantern giving your room a romantic dim light.  A perfect addition to any room in your house or even an amazing gift idea. These lanterns also look great in the garden over summer so these are a good, all year round accessory to have.

5 - Gorgeous Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great idea to add a little mood lighting to a room. They create a glow against the wall when a candle is added without lighting the whole room up. A traditional way to light a hallway these are coming back into fashion and proving very popular in both modern and traditional homes. Find a design that suits your decor and they add a gorgeous finishing touch to a room.

For more handy tips on where to put your lighting, see our blog on lighting up your home.

These individual pieces will add the extra touch to your home on the dark cold winter evenings and make you feel really warm and cosy - perfect for the long months ahead. So grab a cuppa, get cosy and fall back in love with your home this Autumn. 

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