My Interior Design Predictions for 2022

Last year I had so much fun writing my post on my predictions for interior design trends to rule 2021. So here I am a year later, making my forecast for styles that are going to dominate 2022. 

For 2022, expect trends that are focused on health and wellbeing to be at the forefront of design. Decorating will be about what makes you happy rather than blindly following trends. That being said, I predict trends will be rooted in this idea, with styles emerging that help us feel grounded in our home and create a sense of optimism.

A Sea of Green 

Green creates a connection to nature and can help reproduce some of the health and mood boosting qualities of spending time with nature. The colour offers visual comfort, even at intensity.

Soft greens are often combined with other natural tones, rafia and air-filtering plants. However, I've also seen an emerging trend of adding bursts of complimentary orange or coral, for a much needed pop of enthusiasm.

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Painted Ceilings 

When painting our rooms, it's an area which is most often a default white wash. Colour drenching is evolving into a key 2022 trend. Painting the ceiling in gorgeous colour hues will create a dramatic effect. If you paint the ceiling in a small room the same as the walls, it will help help create a cosy cocooning feel within the space. If you've got high ceilings, try a complimentary or contrasting colour to add drama to your space.

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2022 is seeing the arch form coming to the forefront of interior design. Curved lines are an interior design trend that has been around for several years but arches are gently sweeping through many new hotels and restaurants and the elegant appeal of curves is only set to rise in popularity. A good way to bring this trend into your home is with alcove shelving and bold, coloured headboards.

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A trend that ruled 2021 is back in full force for 2022. Cottagecore celebrates the romantic rural life with traditional ideals homegrown and crafted pieces to create an idyllic vibe. Think wildflowers, chalky paint surfaces and enjoying the wildy imperfect. While this trend has a natural affinity with countryside homes, there are elements that can be adopted in even the most urban properties, creating a connection with the simpler side of life that helps you feel grounded in your home.  

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Copper Elements 

Possible the next big kitchen trend for 2022, we’re seeing the copper taking over from the very popular brushed brass. It is a striking aesthetic in a kitchen or bathroom and high end dining table designs are beginning to incorporate this elegant hue with textured marble tops. A real statement piece for the year ahead.

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Slatted Design

This is a trend which dominated through 2021 but it seems set to continue for 2022. A fluted wood design used for kitchen cabinetry to statement headboards, this trend ensures the interiors will stand out.

The wall panelling idea helps to zone your space and move the sense of proportion in the room. It gives the appearance of taller ceilings with the elongating clever properties and the linear nature of the slatted design. 

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Statement lighting

In 2022, large dramatic pendant lights and chandeliers, statement wall lamps and intriguing floor lamps are just some of the exciting new styles dominating. Good lighting shouldn't just be about creating light in a space. It should be adaptable in a room to create ambience, to allow for focussed work or to highlight decorative features - and this year we'll be ticking all of these boxes with true statement pieces.

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Timeless Japandi

A design concept that’s a mix of two classic styles – Scandinavian and Japanese, which both have roots in pared back minimalism. Whilst the Japanese design is full of sleek dark timbers, Scandi design offers light woods and natural materials with simple design is really superb to look at and is actually very cosy and comfortable. Japandi is a beautiful mix of the two paired back styles. 

When it comes to material choices, consider bamboo in a Japandi scheme. Bamboo is a prolific grower and super strong will really bring the feeling of nature and create a calming effect on the home. Japandi lends itself well to sustainable  interiors, making it a perfect choice for interiors in 2022 - and beyond!

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Home decor trends for 2022 are all about creating a home that's fun, personality-filled, and most importantly, a space that is uniquely 'you'. If you want a hand implementing one of these key trends into your space, get in touch to see how we can help.

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