My 2021 Interior Design Predictions

After the year we've had, we’re all craving more comfort in our homes. It should probably come as no surprise that the home interior trends for 2021 focus on this theme.  

Between lockdowns and restrictions on travel, we’ve all had to re-imagine our spaces and meet the demands of this 'new normal' lifestyle. It could be creating a functional home office or adding in a smart pantry organising solution. From our conversations with friends, clients and customers, it seems just about every home is likely to require a refresh.

The past 12 months have been crazy, filled with enquiries and work from clients looking to embark on these changes. There has been a distinct pattern of turning homes into a soothing, earth-toned sanctuary. This is what people are looking for, and I’d like to share the most popular requests and common ideas for 2021.

2021 Interior Design Predictions

Indoor Plants

These will continue to be a home design mainstay. And we can certainly see why! They bring clarity and calm of nature indoors and act like a sculpture in a sparse corner or on a shelf. Developing a collection of interior plants wins on all levels, aesthetic, functional and good for the soul.

I opt to have a mix of artificial and real plants and flowers. I like the fact that the real foliage freshens and purifies indoor air - but equally the artificial trees and plants are so realistic and I don’t have to worry about keeping them alive. 

Artificial Plants Yorkshire

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Liveable Luxury

We all need luxury and versatility within our homes. More and more people are embracing durable luxury fabrics with either their curtains and blinds or upholstering their sofa or headboard. I’ve noticed a distinct surge of reupholstery of existing furniture which I have to say I'm thrilled about. It ticks all the environmental boxes, saves so much money and has a quicker turnaround than trying to wait for a sofa delivery to arrive.

Reupholstery of a Chair in Yorkshire

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Multipurpose Spaces

Over the past 12 months, we've each added workspaces to living rooms, classrooms into our kitchens, and gyms to our bedrooms. It has been amazing to see such an array of ideas from clients making their living spaces work harder and giving multiple purposes. 

Take this idea we designed for a client which gave her so much more storage a lovely place to sit and created a feature window in her room. Storage can be so multifunctional with a spot of clever design!

Before and After Built in Storage Yorkshire

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This super trend started life on social media. It's very wholesome, pastoral and based around rural life. Quaint cottage interiors, quirky and just super cosy - right up my street! I love sharing snippets of a recent project I’m working on at the moment which is the epitome of this trend. It's a full restoration of a 350-year-old stone cottage nestled in the Yorkshire Wolds. From the feedback we've had so far, this style is a firm favourite with you too!

A Quaint Cottage Renovation in Yorkshire

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Old-World Influences

This style has slowly reemerged. I do believe design should be timeless and this trend certainly is that. It's all about the art of mixing in darker moodier furniture with modern light fixtures. Think to the tune of not being able to place what era the room is from. It's a game of mix and match and the beauty of this trend is you have lots of fun with different styles whilst still achieving that timeless look.

Grandad's Shed Yorkshire Interior Design

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Light Woods, Natural and Organic

From Scandinavian and Japanese inspiration, light woods is a trend material for interiors. It's not only being used for flooring but also covering walls and ceilings, along with beautiful furniture pieces. 

Achieve the wider organic look by accessorising with natural materials to remind us of life beyond our four walls. The key to this is creating a layered interior scheme with natural colours and tactile design. 

Frenchic Paint Natural Scheme Yorkshire

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Home decor trends for 2021 are all about creating a home that's comfortable, functional, and most importantly, a reflection of you. If you want a hand implementing one of these key trends into your space, get in touch to see how we can help.

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