How to Breathe Life Into Your Old Sofa

The humble sofa is a cornerstone to family life in homes across the world. It's a place to escape, have a laugh, a cry, to entertain and relax. It's a place where we do an awful lot of living.

As the season begins to change and we spend even more time inside with our feet up, we often find ourselves in need of a settee revamp. If you've had your sofa for longer than you'd like to admit and it's starting to feel a little lacklustre, this blog post is for you.

Here are 3 of my favourite ways to breathe some new life into an old sofa. 

1. Play With Soft Furnishings

The most straightforward method to adding some interest to your sofa is to shake your soft furnishings up. Throws and cushions can be swapped out throughout the year to enliven your space. 

Try mixing in new textures like velvets or wools or a fun pattern that complements or happily contrasts the room. Scatter some cushions across the back of your sofa and then drape a gorgeous throw over the arm. In a matter of minutes, your living room could have a whole new dynamic that creates a renewed sense of interest and comfort.

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2. Rejig your Room

The position of our key pieces of furniture can have a transformative impact on our spaces. Think carefully about what your uses are for the space and have a play with the positioning of our sofa. Often it ends up living its whole life in the first position it was placed on arrival day. But by switching up your room layout you could have a totally different feel to your space.

Now you've settled on the perfect placement in your room, try adding some drama to really set your sofa off. Try painting the wall behind your sofa (or full room) in a contrasting colour. For a light coloured sofa, a rich, deep colour will work perfectly. Then for a darker sofa, a bright and airy colour on the walls will really help your sofa pop. If you want to add a real statement, then we recommend pairing a vibrant wallpaper with a simple sofa.

Finish off your mini project with some fun cushions as above and some art prints around the room. Before you know it you've got a brand new space to enjoy in your evenings.

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3. Reupholster It

If that's still not cutting the mustard, then reupholstery could be the best option for you. This method is going to see the biggest transformation, taking tired sofas into something with renewed longevity.

What's more, this option will see your sofa look completely unique. New plump foam inners upholstered with gorgeous soft fabrics to suit your style and space. 

Oh, and it's not just sofas that we upholster. Over the years, we've helped customers breathe new life into everything from window seats to boats!

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Which tip will you pick to bring a new lease of life to your tired sofa? Let me know in the comments below!

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