A Guide to Decorating with Cushions

We all have them dotted around our homes, but more often than not, I find clients don't feel confident with finding the perfect arrangement for their cushions.

In this blog, I'll be guiding you through the do's and don'ts of styling your cushions in your bedroom and living room. You'll be mixing and matching cushions across your sofa like a pro in no time!

The Do's

Layer Textures

You'll have heard me chat about getting tactile and layering textures in a lot of these blog over the years. There's a solid reason why! Not only does adding different textures create a pleasing look to the eyes, but they also create balance in a room.

Furthermore, you can use this trick to suit the season. For example, you might want to opt for cotton or silk cushions in the summer months and swap these out for velvet or faux fur in winter. 

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Vary Sizes

If all your cushions are the same shape and size, it tightens up the feeling of the room leaving it feeling very formal. And when it comes to decorating our cosy lounges and bedrooms, we're after a more relaxed look. 

My top tip is to combine different shapes and sizes to create a welcoming look. Think rectangular cushions paired with square shapes to provide some variety. Circular and bolster cushions are also becoming increasingly popular. 

Coordinate With The Room

Each room is going to have a different look and feel in your home, even if that is more subtle than others. Consider the colour palette of your room as well as existing textures. You might want to pick out themes already in your room or you could opt for complementary colours and textures to knit the room together. It's all about having fun.

If you want to add in some bright and bold cushions, try pairing them with simpler or neutral cushions to bring balance to your space.

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The Don'ts

Treat Living and Bedroom The Same

These two rooms have different requirements and therefore it's important you keep this in mind when decorating with cushions in your home. 

For the bedroom, you want to start with your largest cushions at the back, one on each side of the bed. Then you can have fun adding in smaller cushions, layering them up in front of the previous. You can finish here or perhaps add a bolster or rectangular cushion in the centre.

When it comes to cushions for your sofa, things are slightly different. For starters, you can have a little more fun with the colour scheme and textures as you're not sleeping here. There are also a lot more options for creativity with your layout and so you can really play around with it. Clusters of trios, layered sizes or a balanced arrangement across your whole sofa are all options we like to use when styling a client's home.

Be Afraid to Mix & Match

Don't be afraid to have fun! Cushions and accessories are where we can easily get creative without much pressure. The items are low cost and can easily be swapped out as we move through seasons or want to freshen up the space. Here's your permission to really tune in to what you love and go to town with that.

Remember, it doesn't all have to match to look fantastic! 

If you're struggling for texture ideas or colour schemes one of my favourite tips is to take a look in your wardrobe. From here you can easily see what colours you enjoy and how they pair up and complement each other. When thinking about cushions, pay particular attention to your accessories like scarves or bags as these accent colours can reflect the accent like cushions in your home. 

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Go Overboard

We want a lovely balance between fun and relaxing. Whilst you're having fun with new textures, colours and sizes, it's worth considering where to draw the line. Is it worth adding in a new style or perhaps a second cushion of a current design could add more balance and look more put together?

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What's your favourite way to style your cushions? Let me know in the comments below!

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