3 Interior Decor Ideas For a Long Weekend

Ah, there's nothing quite like a British Bank Holiday weekend. Whilst the weather might be temperamental, a couple of things remain the same. We all seem to attempt an al fresco meal only to head inside at an inevitable downpour or a flaky BBQ. And chances are we're putting on the overalls and working on some home improvements with the extra downtime. 

So, before you fire up the BBQ, here are our top 3 decor ideas for a long weekend.

Put Up Wallpaper 

We love the transformative power of a beautiful wallpaper to take a space from drab to fab in an instant. And the best bit? It doesn't require an engineering degree or endless days of your time to make the impact. 

Feeling nervous? Start with a small wall or chimney breast to get a fun shot of the design in your space. If you're enjoying the drama, roll it out across more walls!

If you're after a more relaxing weekend, why not browse through your selection of samples to pick out a favourite? Take a look at our range of Wallpaper Samples here. 

Create A Gallery Wall

We love getting creative with quirky objects as gorgeous unique wall art for our homes. A gallery wall is a fabulous way to create a fun showpiece that oozes with your own personality. You'll be guaranteed to make guest stop, stare and comment on your collection!

Start by collecting your own selection of art that you love. You could choose even numbers for symmetry or an odd number of pieces for a look that's more organic but equally pleasing on the eye.

Place your art on the floor to see how different pieces work next to each other. Don't forget to stand back and look at them all together so you can spot pieces that don't feel quite right. Once you're happy it's time to grab the hammer and nails - it's hanging time! 

If you're after a slower paced long weekend, why not spend some time browsing our range of art to start your dream collection? Click here to take a look.

Bring the Inside Out 

Whether the weather is playing ball or not, chances are we'll all be spending a lot more time in our gardens over a long weekend. At this time of year we love to give our outdoor space a little TLC as we bring the inside out. 

This is such a big topic for us that we even wrote a whole blog on creating a space outside that feels like a real sanctuary. Click here to read more

One of our favourite tips for making an outdoor space feel better is to hang a mirror. A handy trick indoors, by handing a mirror outside and surrounding it with foliage, you can make your space feel bigger and yet cosier in an instant. 

Another of our favourite tips is to make use of lighting. We place table and floor lamps around corners of our rooms, so think about this accent lighting around your garden. There's something quite special about having candlelit lanterns on your patio table on a summer's evening, they capture romance and create a cosy warm glow. Create a glow with one of our outdoor lanterns, there's a great choice over on the website on the Lantern page.


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