7 Easy Ideas to Transform Your Garden

Since lockdown, my garden has been my sanctuary!  as I'm missing our little shop Grandads Shed in Pocklington.
I've spent the last few months pottering and re-designing areas of my own garden.  You can turn any outdoor space into your own little piece of heaven if you know what you would like to use the space for.
I've explored many ideas and read lots of garden and flower books and have collected lots of wonderful ideas which I would love to share with you.  I hope these will inspire and give you some ideas for your outdoor space however, large or small.
Take this Pretty Dahlia Set which folds neatly away for easy storage.


You could collect old crates and fill them with flowers - these can be dotted around and they will add instant colour to any corner or area where you want to add something pretty.  

Outdoor Lounging Area

If you would like to create an outdoor living room, a sofa and armchair set up is a great chill zone (The Briany set below is a gorgeous example)
Comfort is just important in your garden as it is inside, little touches like cushions, throws and a coffee table make all the difference.



Theres something quite special about having candlelit lanterns on your patio table on a summers evening, they capture romance and create a cosy warm glow.
Create romance with one of our outdoor lanterns, there's a great choice over on the website on the Lantern page.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great addition to a relaxed seating area, they take on the role of a fireplace, a warming focal point for everyone to sit round on an evening.  They look great too! - imagine a pile of logs next to your crackling fire.


Garden Lighting always creates impact outside, just as it does in your home.  We place table and floor lamps around corners of our rooms, so think about this accent lighting around your garden. 
You can place lighting at low levels to highlight an interesting tree or plant or hang unusual lanterns around on trees.

Extra touches and ideas

I never know what to do with the hosepipe so found this nifty idea on Pinterest - its very practical, easy to make and can be placed anywhere in your garden.

The Garden Shed

A Garden Shed is a good addition or investment for keeping tools and mowers safely stowed away.  A natural wood finish will suit any garden, but how about painting it in a pastel shade for a cute country look.  Our new Alfresco range from Frenchic paint is coming soon and has some amazing colours for anything outdoor, sheds or fences etc. - Keep a look out for the range arriving soon.


And finally add a few hydrangea plants to a pair of Urns and place at your entrance for the Home Welcome treat to all our friends and family reuniting.
For more garden ideas head over to our Potting Shed Collection  xx

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