Your Armchair Buying Guide

With the leaves falling from the trees and the fires are roaring: the cosy season is upon us! And what better place to settle down than in a big comfy armchair. A glass of wine and a good novel are optional but recommended! 

In this blog, I want to share my top tips for choosing the perfect armchair for your home. You’re going to spend a lot of relaxing hours in it so let’s find the ideal fit. 

The Placement

First up, it’s time to get that tape measure out. It goes without saying but sometimes we can get so caught up in the comfort and beauty of the piece that we forget to see if it will fit or suit our space. To help client’s visualise a new armchair in their space, I recommend marking on the floor with masking tape or newspaper to get an idea of the dimensions which will match the space. 

Now that’s the basics out of the way, onto the fun stuff.

Your Sitting Style

From a nursing chairs to a cosy reading nook, there are lots of different purposes for an armchair in your home - and with it, a variety of requirements we need from our seats.

Similarly, everyone likes to sit differently. Feet up, curled up or perhaps hanging over the armrest. Really think about your perfect comfort set up and look for an armchair which will meet these needs. 

It’s worth pointing out here that comfort doesn’t have to mean unattractive. You really can have both style and substance when it comes to your armchair. Whilst a traditional armchair is perfect for resting your head and settling down for the evening, a statement armchair will double up as a piece of artwork in your space. Take a look at our range here for a little inspiration.

Consider the Material

The material for your armchair is the final key piece of the puzzle. Not only does it need to look good, but it also needs to stand the test of time as your armchair will sit pride of place in your home for years to come.

For our reupholstery service (see more below), we offer a wide range of different materials from buttery leathers to twills and dramatic velvets. Get in touch today to chat more about the perfect option for your space. 

One top tip before committing to a material is to consider how often you’ll be using your armchair. If children, pets or food are often involved, then consider something a little more practical that can be easily wiped down. 

On the other hand, if you’re after something with that wow factor for your Zoom backdrop, perhaps a fun velvet will work well in your space? We’ve got plenty of patterns and finishes to choose from so do get in touch and we can chat more about the best option for you and your home.

Repurpose an Old Favourite

Now it wouldn’t be a Grandad’s Shed blog without a mention of one of our favourite service: reupholstery. The reason why this continues to be one of our most popular offerings is because it can be truly transformational - and oh so satisfying.

Whether it’s a tired family heirloom in need of a new lease of life…

…Or a antique shop bargain that has all the good bones but lacking pizzaz…

…Reupholstering your prize piece can add comfort and beauty to your cosy armchair space. And it’s not just armchairs and sofa’s that we can work our magic on! Footstools, headboards and even motorbike seats can be transformed from drab to fab.


Don't forget to take a look at our range of armchairs here or discover more about our reupholstery service hereIf you'd like a guiding hand with your interior project, please call Vicki Kress Interiors on 01759 306777 to arrange your Home Visit.

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