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The walls of a room often get forgotten...but they really can make a room. Whether its wallpaper, a picture, a mirror, or a big skeleton clock, an impact on your walls makes a great talking point. And of course you can do this with any room, Living, Dining, Bedroom, Hallways, Bathrooms, Boot-rooms, Conservatory's, Sun-rooms. ANY wall can make a statement.

So make sure you plan, and get it right...That is what this post is for, to help you decide, and pick the perfect piece.



Be bold if you want to be, Don't feel like you need to stick to a tiny space, or just one wall. If you love a wallpaper, and you want to see a lot of it, why not put it on 2 opposite walls? This works well for a large room as it brings the walls together.

This client went with the wallpaper on opposite walls and brought the design together by going for  cushions to compliment. We had a giant footstool made and picked out a colour from the wallpaper to compliment for the fabric. We finished off the room with lighting and foliage to soften the room and some other accessories.

Marlon may not look impressed but we love this room! And more importantly, so does the client.

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If you need to keep your walls neutral you can still make an impact with artwork.

A piece of artwork is personal, so consider the colours and designs you usually go for and make sure you pick something that means something to you, for example if you live in the country, consider something that reflects the surroundings, Hares, Scenery etc..

 The bigger the better - think of the wall around the picture as a border, its going to frame your artwork but you don't need too much of it if it's a plain wall, find a piece that is the correct shape and size for the space, and that fill it well. A small picture on a large wall will look lost.

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Mirrors create a sense of space and light, If your room is quite dark, for example, a hallway, a mirror in the darkest spot helps reflect the light. In a large room a mirror can be a grand design with lots of detail. 

Banks Mirror

Bronham Leaner Mirror

A mirror with a window design looks great in a large room that has a big wall that would suit a window, or in a room with no windows...


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And don't forget the popular choice of a large skeleton clock, a functional option, and they can look fantastic...

   Image from Pinterest


 See a selection of our clocks HERE or pop in for more!

If you're still not sure what your room needs, take a piccy of the room and pop into the shop where we can look through our brochures, see whats in store, and give you a little help to find the perfect addition to your home. 


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