The Dos And Don'ts of Bedroom Design

Most of us spend the largest proportion of our day in our bedrooms. And it’s one of the most important spaces because it’s where we catch our z’s and recharge ready for a fresh day. When we think about it, our bedrooms really play a bigger part in our lives than we might first think. 

Your bedroom should be a space you look forward to stepping into at the end of a busy day. If it’s not enticing you at the moment, this blog is for you. I’m here to run you through our tried and tested bedroom design tips for your overdue bedroom upgrade.

Do Keep the Colours Limited

Let’s start with the basics: your colour palette. In order to create a space that’s going to set you up for a good night's sleep, I recommend picking a limited palette. One of my favourite tips to nail this is to opt for a tonal colour palette. A couple of shades of calming blues and greens work wonders for creating a space that you can’t wait to retire to at the end of a busy day.

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Don't Clutter The Space

The largest bed that can fit in your room might be top of the list but it could actually create an illusion of a lack of space in your room. Make sure to factor in breathing space around your bedroom. That might mean reducing your bed size or holding back on adding in that extra bookcase. We’re after a calming space here so a refined, clutter-free space is a must. 

Another brilliant way to achieve this is to invest in some clever built in furniture. At Grandad's Shed we love to see the impact our made to measure pieces can have on a space. What once felt a little clunky can look sleek, stylish - and with more or better thought out storage to suit your lifestyle. Amazing and perfect for those awkward nooks and corners!

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Do Layer Lighting

Lighting in a bedroom is a very important factor to consider when designing your space. Whilst we might not spend too many waking hours in the space, it still needs to support books being read, clothes being tried on and relaxed breakfasts in bed. 

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Don’t forget your soft textures

Duvet, pillows and sheets? Check. But don’t stop there! A soft textured blanket or natural linen throw can work wonders on creating a relaxing space for yourself to unwind in. Top off the bed with a couple of plump cushions in a fun pattern to inject a touch of your personality into your bed. Take a look at our range of throws and cushions here.

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Do Dress Your Windows

Whatever you do, don’t make your window dressing an afterthought! Here at Grandad’s Shed, we’re so proud of our portfolio of gorgeous curtains, blinds and pelmets made to measure in your choice of stunning fabrics

Not only do these function as an extension of the style of the room, but they’re also a practical must-have to ensure a bliss night's sleep without an early wake up from the sun streaming in. 

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Don’t ignore the ceiling

Lying in bed often means we spend just as much time staring at the ceiling as we do the four walls around us. Our answer or adding more interest? Get out that paint brush! If you paint the ceiling in a small room the same as the walls, it will help help create a cosy cocooning feel within the space which works well for creating a relaxing bedroom space. On the other hand, if you've got high ceilings, try a complimentary or contrasting colour to add interest to your space.

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Let me know your favourite tip in the comments below!

If you'd like a guiding hand with nailing your own bedroom design, I'd love to team up! Please call Vicki Kress Interiors on 01759 306777 to arrange your Home Visit.

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