Simple Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

Isn't it magical? Nothing excites me more than the arrival of Autumn, it gets me every year, maybe because we live somewhere that is surrounded by the beauty of the Wolds. With trees on every hillside, displaying shades of gold, crimson, burgundy, rusts in the kind of light you just don’t get any other time of year, it really is something special.

And whilst things are looking lovely outside, it's also the time of year to really make the most of our homes. From cooking comfort food by the kilo to cosying up by a crackling fire, our home really comes into its own during these golden months. 

Simple Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

Autumnal Baking

This is when I start with the batches of chutney and try to find endless ways to use up the apples. My recent favourite bake to whip up has been this apple cinnamon cake. It's to die for and so simple to bake!

Apple Cake

Cosy Homes

Autumns arrival of early sunsets and cooler temperatures always inspires me on to making simple adjustments to home. Because let's face it, there’s nothing more special than a crackling log fire when there is a crisp autumn breeze. We gather up the logs and fill the basket once again.

Decorating your fireplace is no longer just a Christmas activity. This autumn, decorate your fireplace with candles and foliage and large log basket so that it stands out keeps you warm, cosy and inspired.

Simply lighting an open fire or log burner will immediately bring the restful, soothing faint scent of wood smoke. Cedarwood is also an excellent choice for its delicate but unmistakable fragrance, which is also tipped to keep wandering spiders at bay. Win-win!

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Cosy Autumnal Fireplace

Creative Lighting

With the shorter days, you’ll want to add brighter lighting to your favourite spaces. Lights or lamps with warm light shades on them will give off an ambient glow that will fit in with the autumnal vibe just perfectly.

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A Warm Welcome

Another decoration previously restricted to the festive period. But no longer!

If you want to make a first impression this autumn, try adding a wreath or heart to your door - inside or out. From rustic woven branches to warm berries, apples and pumpkin designs, it's a sure way to bring joy to anyone who passes. You can buy one ready made, adapt a frame or even make a day of it by creating one yourself. 

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Fragrance of Autumn

Those light, summer fragrances lose their impact when we hit the autumn months. Swap them out for diffusers or scented candles with muskier, woody or spiced notes. These will offer the ideal fragrance updates for autumn and some of my favourite scents!

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Autumn Candles

A Colour Update

Another case of out with the old and in with the new. It is important to make sure your home is a cosy haven and the natural Autumn colour palette of reds, golden yellows and earthy browns will certainly bring the spirit of this season into your home.

But it doesn't have to be drastic. You can bring more of these colours with scatter cushions or throws. Even the most elegant of sofas benefit from a softer treatment as autumn draws in.

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Cosy Autumn Home Decor

Throw in some Texture

Quite literally! Introduce warmer textures during the colder months with throws and blankets in warm tones. You could try mustard, marsala and copper coloured textiles to please the eye in the autumn months. These seasonal shades have enduring appeal, so they can be stowed for reuse year after year. 

Inject some variety with patterns such as checks, tartan and tweed. These are all absolute classics that will last the test of time. By bringing them out seasonally, you'll get that 'just been shopping' feeling every year. Amazing! 

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I hope you've enjoyed reading through these simple steps to making your home warm and cosy for the autumn months. I've had so much fun writing about one of my favourite times of the year. Are you an autumn lover too?

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