Pocklington Holiday Let Diaries: Back to Basics.

If your reaction to the Cottage Diaries was anything to go by, you're going to LOVE this next blog series. 

Introducing the Holiday Let Diaries. In this first blog, we're going back to basics and looking at the process we are undertaking. Taking on our first top tip in our last post, we're planning out the whole project from the get go which means fewer headaches or last minute scrambles for decision making. 

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The Brief 

I was invited to the holiday let and asked to work on the project to create a interior scheme throughout the 5 bed property. All whilst keeping with the property age and designing around the practicalities of a luxury holiday accommodation. 

The property is a wonderful double fronted building with tons of potential. It sits in a central location in Pocklington. For those not familiar with it, Pocklington is a traditional country market town surrounded by spectacular countryside. It's neighbours are the East Coast and York which makes it a great destination for walkers and those looking for staycation in the English countryside. 

Creative ideas for the spaces

The task requires us to compliment the local area of Pocklington and the stunning countryside, bringing into the scheme colours found in nature, wildlife and the coast.

The feelings we want to evoke requires the space to be cosy, warm and inviting whilst presenting some wow-factor throughout to create a sense of excitement. It's got to be photographic for promo shot, after all! We'll do this with the use of stunning fabrics, wall art with textures and create a memorable impact.

Balancing this, it needs practical durable furniture that will withstand the many visitors that will come in and out.

We've worked our scheme throughout the property including 5 x bedrooms, sunroom and living room, hallway and entrance, boot room - identifying key tourist attractions within Pocklington and surrounding hot spots to blur the lines between inside and out. 

Each Bedroom Has a Name & Theme 

Each bedroom has it's own name and with this, a theme to tease out across the design. To create a cohesive feel through the whole space, we're threading elements of natural materials but in the individual spaces, we have room to be extra creative.

Take, for example, the beautiful 'Burnby Hall Gardens', the theme for one of the bedrooms. It will feature stunning water lily fabrics – and mixed with dragonfly scatter cushions. We'll use a soft grey tone bedroom furniture range which is one of our popular ranges, The Thornby. I chose this range as the lime-washed tops and chrome handles blend classic and contemporary influences. The Burnby will feature cool green walls from our Frenchic wall paint collection Green with Envy.

‘Coast’ is a space to epitomise the stunning Easy Yorkshire coastline. The scheme uses playful colours with a dreamy ‘seaweed’ wall art, seahorses and seashells, and furnished with our Beaumont furniture range, a classic fresh white styling with sculptured corners.

‘The Allerthorpe’ is based around woodland scenes. We'll use classic plaid fabrics and dragonfly wall art. The room will again be furnished with our Beaumont furniture in a radiant blue painted finish. It's a good solid range that can be so versatile with different themes and spaces.

Another scheme, ‘The Millington’, plays on the beautiful woodland and valley walks. We welcome the beguiling beauty of nature into the room with an exquisite pattern of gently falling leaves and delicate ferns, in rich shades of green and tea – all complimented with our Thornby bedroom range, a golden orb lighting and sunburst mirror to add a touch of drama.

Project Planning

For this project, we included a whole interior design concept document which includes:

  • Inspiration images to reflect what the home makeover will look like
  • A mood board of every room we’re transforming so you can picture the end result
  • Confirmation on the colour palette, textures and patterns we’ll use throughout
  • A floor plan (to-scale) of each room with all proposed furniture mapped out
  • Detailed explanation of changes we’ll be making to each room
  • A list of my trades we’ll be using if we need to engage any (paint, curtains etc)
  • A few design features that I’ve come up with

Then the whole scheme is executed from start to finish.

I have my own team of trades who I work with all the time and they’ll meet me at your property on a nominated trade day. You will be there on hand too, of course, but I take the headache away from you by managing this process end to end.

Now For Sourcing

Once we have a final list of products approved by you it’s time for us to go to all of our various suppliers and get invoices from them. This part of the interior design process can take a few days because for some projects there could be 20 different suppliers we’re getting product from (and sometimes even more).

As a guide, we tend to specify about 90% of products from our trade suppliers, not retailers. This not only secures you a lot of products your friends can’t buy in stores, but it also gets you better pricing, because we get trade discounts from our suppliers.

For deliveries, there are three options:

  • We accept deliveries at your home if you can’t be there
  • You’re listed as the contact for deliveries and suppliers contact you to organise a time. This is the most affordable option.
  • We hold all of your products in a storage facility and deliver them all one once


The Final Step: Style

The style part of all project journeys is the last and most exciting component of the entire interior design process. This is where we come to your home and put all the furniture in its place as per the layout we provided in the concept document.  Everything is unpacked and moved into place ready for you - and in this case, your guests - to enjoy. 

At this stage, we’ll also line up trades to install the various items they need to install, where required. Our window people will come and install your curtains. Our electricians will come and install pendant lights if we’ve specified them. Our hangers will come to fix art and mirrors to the walls and so on.

In the next Holiday Let Diaries I'm going to chat you through our first steps of implementing the design, from electrics and lighting to getting a lick of paint on the walls. What do you think of the concept so far? 

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