New Year: Your Home Restyling Inspiration

New Year: Your Home Restyling inspiration...

As the decorations come down, we embark on a New Year & the decorations come down, our energy levels tend to feel zapped!

Take inspiration from a few of my new year, home resolutions. As a home stylist, I am a great tracker of exquisite furniture and mixing colours and textiles.

Hopefully, the following advice will help you make some resolutions for your own home...

Urban Gardening

One of my goals is to bring more greenery into our home. There are many ideas in the marketplace for urban gardening - even tiny succulents can change the atmosphere of a bathroom, and they have a personality of their own. If your green fingers aren't up to scratch, artificial plants and succulents are a great way to have the look without the effort.

TOP TIP - I do believe that we put too much pressure on ourselves to make everything look perfect immediately - So I always take three to six months to understand a space instead of rushing in to change everything at once. This way you can really think about what you would like to achieve.

Your Environment

I recommend taking inspiration from the natural environment around you - for example, living in the countryside, we have big bright skies and beautiful natural light makes the muted earthy colours, such as olives and hessians really come to life.

Colour is the fabric of life and a very emotive aspect of design.
As a guide, I always use the 60:30:10 rule...

60% of your room in your primary/base colour

30% in the secondary ie upholstery, curtains, furniture

10% for the accent colour, usually the bright, bold colour, best used in scatter cushions, vases, blankets etc.


TOP TIP - Don't try and replicate everything you see on Pinterest or Instagram, they won't have the same effect in your own space. Pick your favourite aspects and transfer them in your own way.

Be Bold!

Always try and be bolder - we can go for the easy option and make our homes quite bland - we should be designing them to 'live in' ourselves. Try out whimsical and a little bit unexpected that makes your friends say 'wow'... it will make you feel great!


You could add a sequined cushion to give a fab impact or change uninspiring things such as electrical sockets and switches from plain white to something a little more interesting. (Ours are now black and silver with a dolly dog!)


Chandeliers & Pendant lights make perfect ceiling lights and are a great way to quickly update your room. Opt for a single pendant or spectacular statement light - butch bulkheads for your bathroom or a floating bubble chandelier for your boudoir!

TOP TIP - Mix things up as the year goes by, its easier to change items that can be seen from the sofa of the bed such as the books on a coffee table or ornaments on a shelf - bring something in from another room to surprise the eye. I always change with the seasons, switching cushions and rugs from wools and cashmere in the winter to linen and cotton in the summer.

Less is a bore!

Add layers of colour and pattern and decorative detail. Give yourself a general sense of excess to characterise a flamboyant style of decor, we all need something tactile and imperfect in this digital world, let's face it - the past few years have demonstrated a certain boredom of a clean-lined look.


What are your New Year interior resolutions? Leave us a comment below.


Written by Vicki Kress, Home stylist of Grandads Shed. Click here to find out more about Vicki Kress Interiors, our in-house interior design service. 

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