Interior design Project - For kids!


Here’s a great idea to keep the kids busy for a while and inspire them to be creative. This idea can be as simple or as complicated as you have the time and materials for!

STEP 1 – Collect together any materials you can spare – Fabrics, bottle tops, toilet roll tubes, paper, crayons, cereal boxes, shoe boxes…If you don’t have bits and bobs to spare you could draw your designs instead

STEP 2 – What room are you going to create? A bedroom, Disco room, Games room? It can be anything! A plan to start with is very important in Interior Design so you don’t get lost in all the gorgeous fabrics and wallpapers without a direction. 

Have a chat about what you might make or do a quick drawing of your plan. Add colour ideas based on what materials you have collected together. Could the bottle tops be used as a coffee table? Or a picture on the wall?

STEP 3 - Cut the front out of your box so you have left and right sides, the back, and the floor. Lay your carpet and put up your wallpaper or paint. (You could make a fancy pattern on paper to use as your wallpaper – see here for ideas)

STEP 4 – Make your furniture, add pictures on the wall, dont forget the Tv! Add all the things you would love to have in your own room.

STEP 5 – Add the little bits, Toys, items on a bookcase and people! (You could use dolls you already have or make your own)

STEP 6 – Decorate the outside. You could add a roof if you want to or just decorate the walls. Does your room lead out to a garden? 

Don’t forget to add your creation to Facebook or Instagram and tag us so we can see what you have made. Search Grandadsshedyorkshire to find us. We cant wait to see your finished projects!


Happy crafting and stay Safe!

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