How to Nail the Cottagecore Interior Look

It's safe to say coronavirus and the following lockdowns have completely shifted how we live and work. You can take a look here and here at some of our other posts documenting the changes to our interior taste. 

One of my favourite updates has been the growing popularity of the cottagecore trend. Picture traditional country cottages, gardens overflowing with flowers and nostalgic English style. As you'll know, this is a trend that sings to my soul, a style that I've been championing for years. I'm so pleased to see it really having its moment!

In this blog, I'm going to introduce you to cottagecore before walking you through my top 5 tips for nailing the interiors look. 

What is Cottagecore?

First up, let's dive into exactly what cottage core is. I've put together a little mood board full of inspiration to whet your appetite. 

Grandad's Shed Cottagecore

As many of us have recently found ourselves pulled to a more simple way of life, cottagecore has thrived. Cosy and earthy, cottagecore is perhaps the English cousin of Hygge. Both focus on the importance of taking time away from our screens and enjoying a slower pace of life. From knitting to natural colour palettes, the appearance of cottagecore can be varied and wide-ranging but the roots remain consistent with a wholesome aesthetic and romanticised, fulfilling lifestyle. 

It's proving to be so much more than an interior trend too. The worlds of fashion, food and hobbies have all experienced a cottagecore makeover during the past couple of years. For interiors, it's all about creating a warm, quirky and loving home that supports the lifestyle of cottagecore. 

So, How Do We Achieve the Look?

1. Garden Inside Out

Our first tip blurs those lines between indoors and outdoors. Cottagecore is all about bringing the outside in - and the inside out. You'll see these themes crop up on the final three tips too. 

Indoor plants are a cornerstone of the cottagecore aesthetic. Opt for natural-look plant pots to really hone that rustic look with your interiors. We have a wide range of faux indoor plants and foliage for you to play around within your space. You don't have to keep on top of the watering to be able to enjoy the trend! My top tip is to look for plants that are native to your area.

You might like: Indoor Fern or Faux Hydrangea Stem

Grandad's Shed Cottagecore

2. Set the Table

As I've mentioned, cottagecore is an entire way of living. This often means doing things for ourselves where possible in a bid to live a more tranquil and fulfilling life. Growing vegetables, making our own clothes and cooking are all reflected in the interior aspect of the trend. 

Cottagecore homes are designed to be lived in so there is no point in hiding those cookwares or books. Perhaps you could add some freshly cut or faux flowers in a ceramic jug to your dining table to emphasise that rural living. Or maybe try leaving out dry ingredients in glass jars on your kitchen shelves too as this is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient. Don't forget to hang that gorgeous cotton apron up for all to see too!

You might like: Pimpernal Cotton Apron, Off White Ceramic Mug or Seagrass Placemats

Cottagecore Grandad's Shed

3. Reclaimed Furniture

Natural materials are a must when it comes to furniture. Wood and wicker and brilliant places to start. 

Vintage or reclaimed pieces are high up on the list too. It's all about nostalgic feelings and cosy styles which these pieces can really evoke. Imperfections and paint chips are all part of the charm of the look so no need to worry about everything looking pristine.

Try our very own Reupholstery service to breathe new life back into your tired sofas and armchairs or add in a cosy reading nook using our Made to Measure service.

Cottagecore Yorkshire

4. Wallpapers and Colour

Cottagecore has a very traditional and muted colour palette, often with a varied mix of colours and textures within this. 

Wallpapers are essential to this look. We had lots of fun renovating our cottage recently using floral and nature-inspired wallpapers to offer a gorgeous backdrop to your space. If wallpapering a full room isn't for you, we've written about creative and exciting ways to use it in your home.  

Finish off your walls with prints of nature, pieces of embroidery or sentimental items. It's all about embracing things that have meaning and bring warmth into your life!

You might like: Wallpaper Samples or Busy Bee Wall Art

Cottagecore Grandad's Shed Yorkshire

5. Fabric Focus

Texture to warm up your space is a must. Think about layering lace on your wooden sideboard, tying cushions to your painted dining chairs or adding a quilted throw onto your bed. 

Quintessential fabrics are a key here. We're talking florals, checks and stripes as a great starting point. 

Don't hold back on mixing different earthy tones too. The more texture and colour layered up, the cosier the space begins to feel - and as a result, the more it achieves that cottagecore look. 

You might like: Herringbone Throw, Skylark Cushion or Fabric Samples

 Grandad's Shed Cottagecore Country Living

Which tip(s) are you going to take into your home to add some cottagecore cosiness to your space?

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