How to Decorate Your Loft Conversion

Completing the building work on a loft conversion can be incredibly exciting! It's a whole new room! A blank canvas! But then the realisation hits. It's a white box with some awkward corners and you're just not sure how to make this into a warm space you want to spend time in. Whether it's an additional office, bathroom, bedroom or living space (or maybe a mix of all four), there's so much fun to be had when it comes to designing your space.

In this blog, I'm going to guide you through the design and decor ideas to make the most of your loft conversion.


Built in Bookshelves

Chances are your attic room has awkward corner and angles. Instead of shoving a piece of furniture in front of the area, I always encourage clients to optimise that space.

A chimney breast is a great example of this. This loft room is built into the roof space which means it's full of awkward angles. It was screaming out for some clever storage solutions as its been designed to be a nifty office through the day. We built cupboards and shelves around the chimney breast to create a functional and yet beautiful area. No cover up necessary!

We finished this look off with Cirsiun wallpaper on the chimney breast to make it a real feature of the room. This pattern perfectly matches the stunning roman blinds in the dormer window. 


Create a Reading Nook

Tucked up at the top of the house, a room like this is just crying out for cosy window seat or children's reading nook. 

With this cosy reading corner, our client needed a space to relax and unwind. The dormer window spaces were perfect for it. So it was out with the awkward pieces of furniture that blocked the view out of the window, and in with a beautiful made to measure solution. And all topped off with an upholstered seat cushion and a pretty cascade roman blind build into the recess of the window. 

If your room can fit it, you could add in a comfy armchair to create your reading nook. Whatever you go for, finish it off with a warm blanket and a good light to make the most of your new favourite corner.


Create It's Own Character

An attic conversion usually means all new everything: walls, floor, doors...

I love to use this as an opportunity to inject some character and charm into the new space. Here are some of my favourite ways to do just that: 

  • Add a built in furniture piece for a practical and beautiful solution (see above). 
  • Make a feature of your back wall. Paint it in a complimentary colour or pick your favourite wallpaper to fill the wall.
  • Add quirky objects and accessories.
  • Layer textures with soft throws draped and plump cushions on beds and chairs.



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