How to Inject Vibrancy Into Your Home

As an Interior Stylist, I always aim to spellbind and inspire you with trendsetting colourful new ideas and exciting patterns. Sometimes it only takes a single piece or strong colour to really add vibrancy and excitement to your room. Interior design certainly shouldn't be boring - but neither should it be overwhelming. In the shop and with my interior design customers, I aim to find those electrifying pieces to suit you and your unique style. 

So, are you searching for that show-stopper for your home this autumn? Look no further for a little inspiration to our favourite trend this autumn...

As autumn brings with it these cooler days, I find myself spending more time in my home. From chatting with visitors in our Pocklington store, it seems this is common. We end up looking around at our decor and wondering how we can inject some vibrancy to uplift our mood as the nights draw in.

Take a look here for our top tips to give your rooms a refresh for the autumn season

Earlier this year I visited a number of Home Interior shows and was truly inspired by the Botanical Bloom trend that was emerging through the fabrics and wallpapers.

This trend features a mix of exotic and tropical animals and palms such as bamboos and monkeys, tigers and giraffes in beautifully repeated patterns. It's a timeless yet quirky style that can truly transform a space into somewhere exciting. 

I’ve brought this trend to my store in Yorkshire and created a stunning mix of products to help inspire you for your home.

I do think we’ll see more and more of this trend as it is already creeping onto furniture and being applied to headboards, footstools, cushions and many more. It's even been spotted on fashion shows for the season too. 

And we can see why! Its absolutely stunning and creates a real WOW factor within a room - or even paired down to adding a certain something to a quiet corner.

"Where did you get that?"

I’m introducing this bold beautiful botanical trend into my store with cushions and wallpapers, fabrics and the most exotic home decor pieces for a truly unique look. I’m also bringing touch of bohemian decadence - with an edge! It’s a subtle more beautiful shift from the original French chic trend.

Keep your eyes out in store - I'll be displaying beautiful shades of colour and wonderful velvet's across the store.

My goal? To inspire you and help you explore our way of seeing the world with your own eyes.

One of my top tips on integrating a new trend into your room is with art. It can be easily exchanged in and out to test exciting new looks. All without being too permanent. 

There is a distinct chintzy feel to some of the fab floral mixes and this trend can be taken one step further into exotic ornaments and art. Simply layer up on top of your current style or opt for a complete overhaul of your room with matching wallpapers and fabrics. 

Take the floral mixes in this image. Featuring rambling roses and giant peonies set amongst toucans, cockatoos and jungles. Although it’s whimsical and weird it’s equally eccentric and adventurous. A perfect balancing act between dramatic and cosy.  Shop Cushions

This trendy botanical vibe makes a charming living space with a touch of romance and interesting hummingbirds, insects and butterflies. And this wallpaper, for example, is available in 4 subtle colours. Ideal for seamlessly weaving into your current colour schemes. 

As you can see our new eclectic mix will bring a touch of vibrancy to your home this Autumn and Winter. It'll see you through to new seasons to come.

Come with a dream and leave with a scheme here at Grandad's Shed. 

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