Recover your Sofa and Create Instant Impact

Is your sofa looking tired?

You don’t really want to buy a new sofa. It works perfectly in the space and there's nothing quite like it out there. But it's starting to look a little outdated with the rest of the room. You're looking to completely refresh your room and your sofa is a HUGE part of it. The last thing you want to do is get rid of it...but it's looking so out of place and a new one isn't in the budget!

The answer to this age-old problem? 


This week on the blog, I'm going to show you how to recover your sofa and create instant impact in your living room. This before and after story should help give you the confidence to up-cycle your sofa at a fraction of the cost of buying a new sofa.

Rewind to the beginning of the journey for this special customer. I visited her home and discussed in depth what she would like to achieve and how the room was going to be used.

Did you know I offer home visits so I can really understand your space and goals? Read More here to book or get in touch today.

Before the transformation:

Before the transformation

The goal...

Our customers’ children had outgrown their play area and so most of the toys where obsolete. Time for a revamp of this space...

How exciting! 

It was time to bring the room back to a family room and help create a focal point. It was part of the Kitchen Diner and so needed to flow with the rest of the room whilst creating a cosy space. 

'Come with a dream and leave with a scheme.'

The two sofas where very worn and the colour was faded. However, they fit well into the layout and, perhaps more importantly, were so very comfortable.

The beautiful house was a modern style farmhouse so our customer wanted to introduce a ‘Country Vibe’ that matched.

We chose a classic colourway of green and orange with a mix of the lovely Moons wool plaids and plain. 

We photoshopped the customer's sofas to really get a feel for how the mix would work. This helped her visualise the effect before we undertook the reupholstery - so no need for those 'have I made the right decision' panics.

The Results?

This is one of the sofa's reupholstered, what do you think?

One sofa was covered predominantly in plaid with accents of plain fabric. The other was plain wool with hints of plaid. We loved this look as mixing the fabrics added the bit of character that the customer was after.

Here's one of the sofas being recovered in our local workshop:

We created a focal point using a beautiful wallpaper on the end wall and built a TV dresser style unit. The effect? A stunning cosy space that draws your eye through the large kitchen/diner room. 

We just loved working on this project and the feedback from our customer has been so lovely! These projects are so much fun as we get to transform your homes into a place you love to hang out and show off. 

If you would like some help redesigning your sofa and choosing some fabrics just give me a call and I'll be able to help you.

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