Egg Decorating

Egg decorating, something I have never actually done before so Im going to give it a shot and show you how to create your own, I am quite eggcited.

You will need:





Egg cup or tray

  - If you have little ones that would like to get involved, they could paint their egg, then stick and glue wobbily eyes and cotton wool onto their egg!

There are hundreds of ideas for designs on Pinterest but here are four of my favourites

I only own 1 egg cup (I wonder if I can enter the competition to win a new set) and he is a wooden, vintage fella who has been around for years…world, meet Derek


Before you start – You will need however many eggs you intend to decorate – and a couple of spare to avoid disappointment. Give the eggs a good scrub

Tip  - Do make sure you have more than 1 egg, maybe do the shop first…I made this mistake and felt very pressured. 



STEP 1 – BLOW OUT YOUR EGG – This is done by creating a small hole at the top and a slightly bigger hole at the bottom of your egg. I unravelled a paperclip and it worked marvellously. To make my bottom hole bigger I used a sharp knife to very carefully turn in the hole.

TIP – Hold your finger over the top hole when you turn to make your bottom hole.

Then simply blow into the smaller hole and the egg will run out of the larger hole at the bottom – This is the strangest thing Ive ever done on a Monday morning… You may need to wiggle the paperclip around a bit to pop the yolk so it comes out easily. (Apologies that there's no images, I only have 2 hands)

Once it feels like you are blowing all the way through, run some water and soap through and give it a little shake, rinse and leave overnight to dry, or a few hours at least

Tip 2 – When Pinterest suggests blowing your egg then leaving it overnight to dry…Id take that more as a high recommendation than a suggestion…otherwise you will get leakage while you paint…


STEP 2 –  Paint the top half of your egg your base colour, wait for this to dry, attempt to paint over any cracks with an extra thick layer!


Then paint the bottom half. Repeat so you have 2 layers of paint then give it time to dry again.

At this point I had to stop as Dereks ear fell off…the horror…Fear not, he has had a little plastic surgery and is back to his handsome self.


STEP 3 - Start your design, Im going for a floral pattern because I have these colours in my living room. Theres nothing wrong with zig zags and spots...

 After my base layer of white I used good old felt tips to draw out my flower, then I used a brush and water to blend and then added a little detail back in once dry.


We would LOVE to see your creations, either tag us in your image on Instagram or add your photo to the comments on Facebook and be in with a chance to win a gorgeous set of Wrendale china egg cups. (Grandadsshedyorkshire on Instagram and facebook)

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