Deck the Halls...and the Dining Room!

Decking the halls or the dining room this Christmas?

Here are three ideas to help you style your Christmas table setting that are perfect for the festive season.  Simple and effective ideas to help your Christmas table stand out!

Champagne Christmas

Up first is my Champagne Christmas look – it’s sophisticated, chic, and begins with a simple foundation.

Simply use a white tablecloth to create a light, fresh base. Gone are the days of cutlery only being available in silver hardware – metals are having a big moment and for this look I would add a matte copper cutlery as an accent piece. Layer these over linen napkins with a gold thread accent to tie the look together and carry the metallic theme throughout the setting.

Create a table runner by laying gold branches intertwined down the centre of the table.

You can create this at home by spraying  some branches from your garden with a can of gold spray paint.

 On any table, height and texture are vital – vintage candle light holders with candle sticks, Christmas baubles or decorative lanterns are an effective way to incorporate this without over-crowding the table.

 When creating height with your centrepieces, it’s important not to go to high so as to block your guests’ view of one another.

Highland Hunt ..

Inspired as a Traditional  Christmas, Ive created a trailing green centrepiece using pine garland and  pinecones withcandelabra sticks and traditional church  candlesticks.

The key to this look is keeping it as ‘Christmassy’ as possible – the more red and green, the better!

I’ve  used a traditional red tartan tablecloth and you could add tartan napkins – don’t be afraid to layer and clash pattern on pattern.

If you have vintage or crystal cut glassware, there’s never been a better time to polish it up –  a full set of glassware is a staple in a traditional setting. Don’t forget water glasses, wine glasses and champagne glasses of course.  I’ve added an antler candle holder to give it the Highland feel.


Home-made brown swing tags on the napkins add a personal touch and will make your guests feel especially welcome at the table. You could add mini pinecones, berries and Christmas decorations to make it even more festive – you can grab these straight from your Christmas tree.

Mistletoe and Music

The best Christmas table settings, in my opinion, contain pattern and texture. This is my take on a fresh, playful dinner party – it’s  a bit quirky. It’s festive with a natural theme, it’s fun using old music sheets crafted into jam jar candle holders and hearts there are even vintage music napkins available with Christmas songs printed on them!!

 Mixing and matching contemporary and vintage tableware can look impressive. I use trays to group items both for aesthetics and functionality. For example, you could place Christmas ornaments onto antique silver trays so they can be easily be removed when the Christmas turkey arrives!

Ornaments add texture and height to the table.  For your table centre I’ve wrapped a mistletoe garland around a church candle and dotted candles through the rest of the table keeping them in simple glass jars or coasters.

Remember to have fun with your table settings. Christmas is about good company, food, wine and conversation. The most important part is that you feel like you’re part of the celebration, not just the host!

And a finishing touch to your home to…...

Add warmth and glamour

The chill in the air means one thing is certain…winter is well on its way! The change in weather is all the more reason to bring a bit of warmth into your home this season. But cosy blankets and a warm fire aren’t the only way to make your home winter-ready. Why not add the warming hues of the fireplace to every room with rose gold accessories?

Rose gold has been a popular trend in jewellery for the last few years, so it’s no wonder that it’s become all the rage in home décor this season. The colour strikes a balance between luxury and fashion and the shade itself fits seamlessly into any style room.

 Here’s some pretty rose gold inspiration found on Pinterest

The most successful way to integrate rose gold pieces into your home is through subtle accessories such as centrepieces or mantel décor. Whether you are looking to add a bit of warmth to a grey colour scheme or bring out the richness of wooden floors, this versatile metal is sure to bring a touch of glamour to your home! See below how you can integrate this trend into your décor this season.


Article written by Vicki Kress home styler based at grandads shed pocklington

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