The Customer Files: A Cosy Nook

There's no better feeling for the team here at Grandad's Shed in Pocklington than seeing a customer's face when we reveal their custom project. And judging by our social media you seem to love these stories as much as we enjoy making the changes! So, we want to introduce a new blog series to you highlighting some of our bespoke projects that have transformed the space of our customers - and their lives in the process. 

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The Problem

Today we wanted to share a project from a local customer. Her living room was struggling with a lack of focus. There was no fireplace in the narrow sitting room and curling up on the sofa and read her latest book wasn't as relaxing as she hoped. The room felt soulless without a cosy focus. 

Could we combat the room's lack of soul with some cosy furniture pieces? Well, looking around the room was filled with warmth from textures and colours in the room.

The Solution

Together, we came up with a solution. We set about to create a focus for the room using the window. This way we could change the shape of the room and create a much more cohesive area. 

But cosy-ness wasn't her only concern. As many of us experience, the storage wasn't enough. 

Our answer? We would build out the area around the window with storage and a much-needed corner unit for her TV. All complete with a cosy window seat. Perfect for those extra guests or basking in some winter sun! 

We were also able to add in some neat storage for her book collection. Just an arms-stretch away from the cosy window seat. 

After showcasing our vision in a photoshopped plan of her room, we got to work. All measured to fit into her unique room and finished in colours she loves. 

The Transformation

Previously masked by long curtains, the window is now neatly framed with a vibrant fabric. We made her roman blinds and coordinated a plain fabric to finish the framing. Matching cushions to the pelmet and wall sconces to pull it all together.

In a short space of time the room had gone from unfocussed to a brilliantly cosy area that makes the most of what the room has to offer. And our customer can relax in her space. 

What do you think?

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