Tick Tock


Clocks are not just functional, they can make or break a room. Think of your clock as a statement piece and make sure it works with your decor.

Consider the space its going in, if you can see it from spots where you may need to know the time, for example, in your kitchen, can you easily see the time while you are sat eating your breakfast, or to take a note of the time while you are cooking?

What colour does it need to be? Do you have silver gold or black handles on furniture and what colour is the wall it will go on?

Go for a complimentary colour that will stand out on the wall to make it stand out and make an impression.


TICK TOCK TIP: A skeleton clock looks great on a brick or contrasting wall

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TICK TOCK TIP:  Go as big as you can, if you are putting a clock above a fireplace, use the space you have. Go with something slightly smaller than your fireplace width (If the height left will allow this) However, try not to go bigger or it will overpower the area.

A statement clock for over a mantle or pretty much anywhere else!

Handpicked | Belle Maison Large Iron Steeple Clock, 122cm by Beaumonde



If you are going for a large solid clock, consider the wall...How heavy is the clock and is the wall strong enough to take it? Always use a screw and raw plug rather than a nail to ensure your clock stays up!

Burnett Clock Mirage Grey



And remember when your need to move the hands, never push them from the front, always use the dial on the back! This will ensure your clock stays in time!


Pop over to the clocks section HERE to view a few options or come in store for the full clocks collection! We also have a selection of silent bedside clocks!

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