Our Top Christmas Styling Tips

How to Style your Home this Christmas

When it comes to Christmas I like to be full on with my decorations to create real impact. But I’m also quite a traditionalist because I adore classic Christmas decor.

You see, I live in a country style cottage and all the old features sit really nicely with this style of decor. Traditional decorations really do sing in with the setting here. 

Every year I always use the same props that I dig out early in December. I update the look each year with some simple tweaks to the traditional decor.

If you're hosting friends and family this Christmas, this blog is for you. Over the years as an Interior Stylists, I've developed some easy styling tips that I want to share with you today. This blog is full to the brim with festive ideas to add a touch of magic to your decorations during the holidays. They'll help you to transform your Christmas table or create the perfect seasonal backdrop to your Instagram posts. 

Natural wrapping!

A tree without presents underneath can look a little bare - we don't want that in the background of our festive snaps! So wrapped presents are always a must to create a stylish scene around your tree.

This year I'm using twine or green velvet ribbon threaded with a pretty natural trimming. I always like to add some natural decor like rosemary sprigs or pieces of pine, holly and fir cones. To do this I use a glue gun to attach the sprigs to the ribbon or twine. It makes such a difference! A glue gun is a good piece of kit to own.

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Garden gatherings

Gather lots of twigs, fir cones and bunches of eucalyptus. Florists sell all of these so you can stock up even if you don't have a tree of your own. I use artificial hydrangea heads from my shop in this gorgeous red and green shade. These gorgeous berries are another good option for adding texture. The beauty of artificial is you can use them year after year. 

Orange and apple slices also add a splash of festive colour to your decorations - not to mention the beautiful scent that wafts your way as you walk past. If you bake your oranges and apple slices on a low heat in the oven they will dehydrate ready to be glued or strung in place.


A Festive Mantelpiece

Finally, a natural mantel piece garland is perfect in a room where you probably don’t have room for a Christmas tree. I use two or three long trays with oasis blocks in and pre-cut lots of greenery and add cones and sprayed twigs and finish off with some battery operated fairy lights and some of our safe virtual flickering candles.

I love using natural foliage to add a special something to my Christmas decorations. You can often find me foraging in the garden for more to add in. Find out how to use your greenery to create a stunning festive mantelpiece here in our simple step by step guide.


Another top tip is to invest in some pretty garlands or lighting pieces that can be reused year after year to create some magic in your home. Try our Pearl Garland, LED Heart or LED Star (also available in store).

They're lovely by themselves but I also love to twist some natural sprigs of eucalyptus or greenery around them. They give off just the right amount of Christmas sparkle - perfect!

Serving up drinks

I also love to wrap some twine around a tumbler glass and slip through a sprig of cinnamon which is a really easy way to give a festive twist to a mulled wine. These sticks can be used over and over again and you can get them from any supermarket or craft shop. 

Making Baubles a Feature

Baubles can be used in so many different creative ways - as well as sprucing up your tree! 

An alternative to the natural present trimmings, I sometimes use small baubles attached in the same way. If you have a marker pen to hand, you can also write their name on the bauble as a quirky label. 

My favourite bauble feature is a great way to add some festive prettiness to a wall. I simply like to hang them at different levels with green velvet to another length of velvet ribbon or a rustic twig. A lovely festive garland or piece of wall art!

Enjoy styling up your house this Christmas! I hope you enjoy playing around with the decorations as much as we do. 

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