Christmas Gift Inspiration

We have gathered all of our favourite items to give you ideas for those special Christmas gifts..
1. Artificial Candles
These candles are practically indistinguishable from real candles and provide an attractive, safe, clean and flameless ensuring safety and pollution issues are removed entirely.
They feature an inbuilt timer function; enjoy 5 hours of relaxing candlelight, before the candles turn off for 19 hours, in a cycle repeated daily. With a battery life of up to 800 hours, Radiance flameless candles are the most efficient on the market, with a glow that soothes hour after hour.
They look lovely alone or can be decorated with ribbon, wreaths, artificial floral’s  or anything else, be creative!
These are also a fab idea for putting on shelves and under glass domes, places where you wouldn’t be able to put areal candle.
Flameless candles copy
2. Kitchen Accessories
This range of kitchen items is fantastic if you’d like a few different gifts that match. Why not get a basket and fill it with a mug, coasters, placemats and matching apron?
Plus, when you know they love this gift, there is so much in the range you know what to get for the next occasion!
Wrendale copy   kitchen2 copy
3. Bronze Resin Hares.
The Bronze resin hares are a beautiful addition to any home. They look fantastic on mantles, as table centres, windowsills  or side tables. A perfect item to start a collection as there are lots of sizes and styles in the range.
Other animals available include cats, dogs, humans and even a 15″ tall penguin!
hares copy   sculptures copy

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