Choosing a Colour Scheme for Your Living Room

Let’s face it, our living rooms are the heart of our home. Whether it's relaxing with a magazine, catching up over a cuppa or watching the latest episode of your favourite TV show, our families occupy this room many hours every day. 

With this in mind, it needs to be a practical and comfortable space to suit all the members of your family. The living room deserves some extra love and investments to make it the perfect space to hang out in. 

But where should you start? It can feel overwhelming, right? 

First up, have a little think about your dream aesthetic. Perhaps you want it to be contemporary or maybe something a little more Scandinavia style?

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Did you know: Scandinavian-inspired interiors came out top during lockdown thanks to its calming, minimal-yet-cosy aesthetic.

Then you'll want to start with the foundation of your room: what colour should you use?

Colour has such an influence over a room. So much so that I’ve put together this guide that will help you design and come up with the perfect colour scheme 

 How to Choose a Colour Scheme for your Living Room

Finding your inspiration 

If you don’t have a clue about the colours you’d like for your room, try looking through your wardrobe for your favourite colour see which colours are predominant or what colour are your favourite shoes, dress or even a cushion as your starting point.

You could flick through interior design mags or websites for ideas too. Bring everything together and create yourself a scrapbook of ideas, either on paper or through the Pinterest App - it can be quite addictive.

Most paint companies provide colour wheels free of charge. If you can get hold of one, take a look through and select a colour (or combination of colours) that you are most drawn to.

Heres a few helpful links to give you extra inspiration and ideas. I hope you find them useful!

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Try and create a number of collages centred around different themes and colours. It’s likely you’ll start leaning towards one idea and gather more inspiration.

Experiment with the Dulux Colour Click App

Dulux’s free visualiser app lets you paint the room and experiment with colours, 

You can use this great technology to apply colours to your wall without buying the paint! So, if you’re worried if the pink is too bright or the green will clash with your sofa this app will help you experiment with bright and bold colours 

Complimentary Colours

Paint colours that complement each other make for a bold and beautiful interior space. Take a look at just a few stunning complementary paint colours that you can incorporate into your living room, all inspired by our range of gorgeous Frenchic Paints.

The soft and gentle orangey-pink hue of the peach pairs well with a striking turquoise blue. The mixture of cool and warm tones adds major contrast, while complementing each other nicely.

Introduce these romantic and feminine colours into your house. Pale green paint with a hint of grey adds an earthy and tranquil feel, while the bold and bright pink adds vibrancy and energy into the space.  

Blue and orange work well together in a range of domestic and commercial spaces. If you’re looking for the bold combination without the bright colours, then try a soft pastel blue with a punchy tangerine. Incorporate these two paint colours into your white space through painted furniture for a balanced, stylish finish.

A muted purple, such as lavender, along with a gentle yellow-orange with grey undertones make for a subtle colour scheme that is perfectly balanced. Paint a table lavender and the chairs amber for a dining room with a bit of interest.

Pure jewel tones within a living space is truly daring. But done right, it is pure glamour. Mix in cherry red furnishings against emerald green tile or walls. For vintage luxury, this colour combo can’t be missed.

Duck egg blue is a beautiful mix of green, grey and blue that is versatile enough to work well with a variety of colours from whites to browns to pinks. To inject a bit of heat into the cool colour, try a sunny yellow for an accent colour.

Have you got your hands on a tin of Frenchic paint yet? We've fallen head over heals for this brand. And judging by the paint flying off our shelves here in Pocklington, it seems you all agree!

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Have Fun

Have fun with your living room paint. Even if you do make a mistake it’s still an easy process as painting to mix things up again. It is quite a cheap and easy process that means you're never tying yourself down to one colour palette.

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