Bringing the Outside In and Inside Out This Summer

Ah, summer! A time for sunny garden drinks with friends and endless hours spent over the BBQ whatever the weather. The doors are thrown open wide and the lines between outside and in become more blurred than ever. Other times when the wind is blowing and the rain is coming down, we need to have a bright floral haven indoors to get our nature fix. 

In today's blog, I'm going to share some of my favourite super simple ways to soften the distinctions further - whether the sun is on our side or not! 

Reupholster An Armchair

That tired old armchair hidden in the corner of your room? It could be your new favourite piece. We've loved some of recent reupholstery projects which have seen us take a drab chair or sofa and cover it in gorgeous bold fabrics. Not only does this make a stunning statement, it also perfectly marries the inside out in your home.

Click here to take a look at our reupholstery service to get started on your project.


Light Up The Night

It's no secret that at Grandad's Shed we're big fans of lanterns for their flexibility and power to add some magic to any space. As dusk falls, simply pick up a lantern from your fireplace or hallway and carry it outside to brighten up a warm evening in the garden. Take this small Nixxie lantern in beautiful bamboo. It adds a lovely slice of nature indoors and equally looks completely at home on your table outdoors.

We also love to the ease of picking up one of our Heart Beaded Rose Lit Heart and carrying it outside to hang on a wall or tree to add some real magic as the sun begins to set. Glass of wine in hand optional! 

Cosy Up

When that sun sets but it's not time to head indoors then it's time to grab your throws and cushions. Pick up a warm throw from for an extra level of cosiness to carry you through the evening.

Cushions can also be a brilliant tool for bringing the outside in to your front room. If you're feeling confident, match up the print to your curtains or blinds to really pack a punch. 

The Versatility of Your Favourite Jug or Vase

Inside and out, jugs are an absolute essential to creating a natural feel inside your home whilst cosying up your outdoor space. Not only can you carry refreshing drinks outside - only to come back in half an hour later when the heavens open, but you can easily create a gorgeous centrepiece to any table using your favourite cut blooms. 

Take a look at our Parrot Ginger Vase for a real punch of exotic florals. It's a lovely shape that is also useful as a storage piece. 

Make Use of Walls

Adding a mirror to a bare outdoor wall or popping one opposite a window inside to make the most of your view are two sure-fire ways to blur the lines between inside and out this summer. Our Snowdrop Mirror could be just the ticket to spicing up a drab wall outdoors! 

Wall art is a brilliant way to add some nature to your indoor space when the view isn't so appealing. Try our customer favourite Busy Bees print or take a look at our whole range for some inspiration. 

Feeling brave? Grab your favourite floral wallpaper and cover a wall or room to really bring the outside in well beyond the last warm evening in the garden.

Mirror the Outside In

Take elements of the outside view and bring them into your home to create a truly cohesive space. The easiest way to do this? With faux plants! Click here to browse our range of faux foliage and florals to brighten up your home

If you'd like a guiding hand with bringing the inside out and the outside in to your home, call Vicki Kress Interiors on 01759 306777 to arrange your Home Visit.

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