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People don't always realize that we make furniture, so I thought Id show you all some past pieces, explain the process, give you some tips and hopefully inspire you for a project you may have been putting off...
Sometimes, there's an area in your home that has potential, and you know you need storage, but aren't sure where to start...That's what we are here for!
We can pop round, have a measure up, and give you some ideas of what will work well. Or if your a busy bee, you can email us some ideas or a drawing, with a few measurements.
Your bespoke piece can be made to match any furniture you already have, in colour or style, or we can make something completely new and unique.
Here are a few examples of past projects,
We can make your design in most wood's and all items can be painted, waxed, lacquered or oiled. There are also various handles and other fixings to choose from.
We have a few examples of our handy work in the shop so pop over for a look and a chat about your requirements or give us a call or email and we can get started today!


1, Think about what you are going to store in the space... Do you need basket space, hanging space, drawer space? We can make your shelves adjustable so it doesn't have to be definite but it does help if you have a rough idea what you are storing or displaying. 

2, Is there anything we need to cover up or avoid covering plugs or fuse boxes? We can always make spaces in the backs of units to access through a cupboard, this means you can have your design where it looks best and also tidy's the look of the space.
3, Do you have a skirting board and would you want you design making around the skirt or can the top be a little deeper at the back to fill the space? 
4, Does the colour need to match the wall or compliment it. It is sometimes tempting to have a piece of furniture the same colour as the walls, however consider having something that stands out and makes a statement, maybe pick out another colour from your curtains or wallpaper.
Call or email to arrange an appointment for a house call or pop in store to find some inspirations and chat about your requirements.

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