Be Inspired…..Lighting

You don’t need to light every room the same way. Create mood lighting in different ways using candles, lamps and light garlands for something a little different.Image1bamboo shoots lamp

How to make your own Lighting…

All the items below are available to purchase at Grandad’s Shed

Step 1: Choose your favourite Glass Vase, Bottle or Dome..

STEP 1-lighting copy

Step 2: Choose your favourite Light garland or Artificial Candle..

(These candles are Flameless Candles. Beautiful…Elegant & Safe with upto 800 Hours Battery Life, Available to purchase)

STEP 2-lighting copy

Step 3: When using Bottles, Jars & Vases, the lights can simply be placed inside with the chord over the edge. For other containers simply drill a hole in the bottom corner for the wire to thread through.

STEP 3-lighting copy

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