Be Inspired… Flower Arranging

Today’s ‘Be Inspired’ project shows you how to make the most out of your favourite artificial flowers…
We used:
  • Rectangular Glass Vase
  • Grandad’s Shed Water Beads
  • 3x Pink Rose stems
  • 3x Euphorbia Foliage stems
  • 1x Buttercup stems
All items available form Grandad’s Shed
This arrangement works well with 1 kind of foliage (Euphorbia), a large flower (Rose) and a smaller flower (Buttercups)
STEP 1:  Pick your perfect Glass Vase…
STEP 1 copy
STEP 2  : Add 1-2 packets of Water Beads depending on the size of your vase (Our vase measures W:16 x H:25 x D:10cm, we used 2 packets of beads) Half fill the vase with water. Wait for the beads to swell then drain any excess water.
STEP 2 copy
STEP 3:  Start with your foliage. Cut the stems so they hit the bottom of the vase and lean easily against the sides (This means they will sit in the correct position and not fall over). Arrange your foliage evenly in the vase with the stems wedged in the water beads.
STEP 3 copy
STEP 4:  Cut the floral stems the same way as step 3. Arrange the roses between the foliage evenly, then add the buttercups between the roses and foliage.
STEP 4 copy
STEP 5:  Position your arrangement in a window or in a well lit space for maximum impact…Stand back and admire your work of art!
STEP 4 copy

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