Are you sitting comfortably?

Golden rules for choosing an Armchair or sofa written by Vicki Kress Interiors….

This is probably one of the most important investments you’re likely to make for your home and I hope that the advice I give you will help you make the right decision.

When is a sofa not just a sofa?....

When it provides a place to escape, a place to laugh, cry, entertain and relax.  The humble sofa is a place where families gather at the end of the day…


The Inner Workings

Invest in a good frame – spend as much as you can on a quality frame – it will last you many years.  A solid hardwood frame is a good option but be wary of particleboard or metal construction.

Remember that what’s inside is important as what’s on the outside, Feather filled cushions are high on comfort but will need regular plumping.  Foam or fibre fillings may flatten out and loose their shape over time.  A good combination  of feather and foam will give you squish and structure.

Fabric is all important whether you go for a bold colour, pattern or neutral your choice of upholstery fabric will have a huge impact on your room, so carefully choose to ensure it fits with your scheme.  Enlist the help of a local home interior expert to show you different options and ideas – swatches are a good idea to see in your own home plus it will save you a fortune.

A local expert can help choose the covering that defines your style.

A classic style really on trend is seating that uses the finest quality wools, tweeds, velvets and leathers or a combination of them all!!  Inherently leather is not created in a factory to look perfect.  It is the byproduct of a living, breathing animal that has a one-of-a-kind internal cell structure. This creates real furniture which highlights the natural aspects of the hides rich story, rather than masking it. When the hide is dyed, the disparity of where the colour is absorbed is distinctive to itself, making it impossible to duplicate. What this allows is for your sofa to be dissimilar to any other in existence – you will have a piece of upholstery that is perfectly unique and absolutely stunning.

Tones, shades and pigmentation will vary from hide to hide and are subject to change from piece to piece.

Natural materials can fade in strong sunlight so go for a synthetic fabric if the sofa is near a window.  If you have pets choose a fabric which is easy to spot clean.

Check the dimensions and make sure you’re certain of the area you’re placing the sofa or chair in.  Not forgetting any doorways and stairways.  If access is limited you may need to opt for a low back style with removable legs.

Now you’ve got the sofa of your dreams sitting pretty its time to think about the other furnishings, namely an armchair.

Though not usually as pricey as your average sofa, an armchair still operates as an investment piece for your home.  Size, style and fabric are all important – so consider the overall décor of your home when shopping around. 

Always work to the size and shape of your room and the colour palette and compliment this with the style and upholstered in a current fabric for a beautiful twist.

Consider if you want something to curl up on with a good book and a glass of wine or are you looking for a statement piece as a focal feature in your room.

Armchairs can be a great way of pulling together texture, colour and pattern.  If you require a more modern look, then choose fabrics such as wool's and linen's instead of leathers and opt for vivid colours or fun patterns.

Consider the style of your existing furniture …while mixing your styles can look great, you’ll need to make sure it looks deliberate – find echoing details in the fabric or the design so they work comfortably together.

Everyone has such individual tastes – it is important to choose the right armchair for you and your space.  Above all, you want your armchair to be comfortable – a wool mix keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, however, it’s not to everyone’s choice.


Advice and guidelines written by Vicki Kress

Vicki Kress Interiors at Grandads Shed – Pocklington

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