Are you looking for new fabrics or wallpapers?

Perhaps you’re renewing your curtains and blinds or need ideas to recover your tired armchair?

Well, whichever it is, get ready to fall in love!

We’ve just teamed up with Harlequin a truly British Brand 🇬🇧🇬🇧

I've always loved Harlequin and their new collections are fab!! We’ve just introduced two of their ‘Top Selling’ ranges which are right on trend and even have matching wallpapers if you are looking for the wow factor.

Every day, a proportion of our time is spent helping customers choose great colour schemes for their windows or upholstery projects. Since each and every home varies in colour and decoration, it is so important that we work with fabric collections that bend the rules and allow us to be as creative as we choose.

The choices feature beautiful and luxurious qualities such as wool satin, silky velvet and tweeds. 

Over the years I’ve collected fabric brands that work harmoniously with home styling. If you love high fashion or have an appreciation of beautiful design, my collection of fabrics will probably steal your heart (it certainly has mine!)

We are proud of the number and variety of fabrics that we work with. From Voyage Maison to Moon, Linwood to The Chateau and many more, we love to work together to pick out a fabric that is perfect for YOU. 

Call in and Expect to be wowed by delicious colours, innovative textures and catwalk-inspired designs.

We’re happy for you to rummage through all our fabric books and we’ll throw in a coffee - we’ll help team up colours and textures and help advise you on how to style your window dressing.

All fabrics are available with sample swatches to take away and fabric orders have a speedy delivery. If you are looking to see our full range, pop in store. We also have a range of samples to shop on our website of both fabrics and wallpapers.

We can help visualise how your curtains or blinds will look as we superimpose the style onto your window using our software. We find this is really useful to take ideas from a handful of small samples to a real tangible vision that you can't wait to see in your living room. 

Grandad's Shed, Pocklington in East Yorkshire is a one-stop-destination for home inspiration and interiors. It is the local place to find the widest and most diverse range of authentic British home and interior design products that will help you bring your home to life, the way that you really want it.

If you are interested in our interior design service, pop in-store or get in touch today. Take a look at our website for further details. 

Your home is your special place, it’s where you relax and it’s your personality - we can't wait to help bring your home to life!


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