5 Top tips for re-decorating

Re-Decorating? Not sure where to start?

Here are our 5 favourite top tips to help you make the most of your space and love your home!


 1. Colours/Starting point...

If you cant decide what colours or themes to use, find one item that you love and work from it.

 If you have found a cushion that you love, or a throw...anything, start with that. Pick out 2 or 3 colours from the design to work with for your other accessories, curtains, wallpaper and other furnishings.

Don't shy off a few different patterns, and the more textures the better, it will give your room depth and interest, just make sure you stick to the same colour palette!


 2. Pick the correct wall for some bold Wallpaper

Pick a wall that will give the most impact, somewhere you see everyday and maybe looks a bit plain at the moment.

A wall that sticks out, like a chimney wall or an inset wall to the sides of the chimney, always look good with a bold wallpaper. Is there a wall you cant hang pictures on but needs brightening up?


3. Blinds and Curtains

Make sure any blinds are fitted the best way for you and work well with your furnishings.

If you are putting a blind up to stop drafts, set it on the inside, If its more to make an impact with the design, the outside may be best for you, also consider if you have items on your windowsill, an inside blind may get in the way.

Hang your curtains wide and tall, to make your windows seem bigger and increase the space perceptions in the room.

Don't forget, we make Roman blinds and Curtains if rollers aren't for you!

4.Pick the perfect lighting to show off your decorating skills!

If you have tall ceilings pick a large pendant or chandelier to make sure it lights up the whole room and makes an impact. Smaller rooms with lower ceilings need lights closer to the ceiling. If you cant get the light needed with the ceiling light, use table lamps and floor standing lamps to light the corners.


5. Finish it off with the correct furniture

A low back sofa will make your walls seem taller, low backs are also great to have in the centre of a room. A high back would look good against a large wall or if you want to split a room.

If you don't want brand new seating, how about a reupholster instead? Some sofas fit perfect and are comfy but just need a refreshing new look. Most of the fabrics and colours used in blinds and cushions etc come as upholstery fabric or we can find a fab complimentary fabric. You don't have to have the whole item done, even just having the seats reupholstered can sometimes make all the difference!

If you need any more help, call in or phone us to arrange your home visit for some extra tips, inspiration and advise!

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Best wishes from Vicki, Tony, Sophie & Charlotte

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