5 Fun Christmas Cards Display Ideas

How many Christmas cards have been delivered through your letterbox this December? I'm imagining it's a lot! As much as we adore giving and receiving them, they can quickly dominate surfaces across our home meaning our carefully thought-out Christmas decorations get a little lost in a sea of paper. 

This blog is here with some inspiration for you to solve just that problem! We’ve sourced some great Pinterest inspiration for fun and festive ways to showcase Christmas cards from your nearest and dearest. 

All image credit: Pinterest.

Use a Garland Around a Door or Window Frame

If you’ve been around here for long, you’ll know just how much we love using fresh foliage to decorate our home at this time of year. Fireplaces, sideboards - even our trusty piano isn’t safe from our foraging trips in the Yorkshire Wolds. That’s why we adore the idea of combining a lovely display of foliage taking centre stage with lovely pops of festive fun with the added Christmas cards dotted around. 

Use Luxury Ribbons over Doors 

Doors often get overlooked when it comes to festive decoration. But we think they are a great blank canvas for allowing your beautiful cards to really pop. Pick out a ribbon in one of your key decorating colours and then grab some pegs or pins to add your cards down the lengths.   

You could even try this over bannisters. Tie lengths of ribbons around your handrail and then top with a gorgeous garland. 

Pin to a Vase of Branches 

Another product of a successful foliage foraging trip, this is a quick and easy method that will make good use of your favourite vase or pot. Drop in a few twigs and use small pegs to add your favourite card designs. You could even add some baubles or fairy lights - or even paint the twigs for some extra fun. 

Create Your Own Hanger

With a long stick, a piece of ribbon or string and a little creative thinking, you can create a DIY Christmas card hanger in a matter of minutes. Alongside looking gorgeous, this piece has the added benefit of being transportable. Just pick it up and find a new place to hang - amazing. 

Create a Christmas Card Wreath

Real or faux, we adore this idea of accentuating a wreath with Christmas cards. Slot your selection of cards between the leaves and step back to admire!


What’s your favourite way to display Christmas cards in your home? Maybe one of these has caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!

All image credit: Pinterest.

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