5 Colours to Boost Your Mood This Winter

When it comes to designing a new space in a customer's home, we chat about what the mood of the room will be. And once we've dug into the direction of the feeling of the room, we then look at how we can achieve this through the design itself. One of the first stops on a client mood board is colour. 

Colour is one of the most powerful tools in design. It can change the look and feel of a space.

So, in this blog post I want to share with you some of my favourite colours to boost your mood during the depths of winter. Let's dive in...

Tones of Blue

Whilst there is a huge range of blues on offer when it comes to your interiors, all blues remain a soothing colour that helps calm busy minds. 

Blue is so powerful that even in bolder shades it can still provide relaxation to a space. Try a deep, rich blue to create a cosy living room, layered with luxurious textures. Or opt for a softer, more neutral tone to bring a sense of tranquility to a bedroom, it actually has the power to soothe you to sleep! Blue can also work great in an office as the calm it brings can improve our productivity. 

Top Tip: Avoid cooler tones, particularly in a north facing room to ensure the space doesn't feel cold. 

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Uplifting Yellow

Yellow is a powerful colour in boosting moods. The colour of sunshine and happiness, yellow is energetic and fun. It's reported that yellow can cause the release of serotonin, increasing our sense of wellbeing. If science says it's a colour to bring positivity to our homes, we'll take it! Whilst yellow injects vibrancy to any room, it is also said to stimulate creativity so lends itself well to spaces like offices.

Top Tip: Feeling a little overwhelmed by using yellow? Try having fun with accents and accessories.

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Natural Green

The ultimate colour of bringing the outside in. And with it, a sense of peace that a walk in nature can provide us, having a grounding effect on a space. By mimicking nature, green brings feelings of calm and contentment to our homes. Opt for lighter tones in order to maximise the mood-boosting benefits. 

Top Tip: Use layers of different tones of green to create an authentic feel of nature. Using the colour around windows helps to frame foliage in your garden, creating a seamless flow from outside in.

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Warm Grey

Grey might conjure up notions or being dull or unimaginative. But done well it's anything but boring! It doesn't have to remind us of murky seas and moody skies. Instead, grey can be both calming and relaxing.

A great neutral, grey compliments other colours in this list or works brilliantly on its own. Layer up with other colours or stick with tones of grey. It's a great shade to start having some fun with your designs. It's versatility also means it lends itself perfectly to any room in our homes. 

Top Tip: Again, opt for warmer tones of grey to avoid a space feeling cool and uninviting. 

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Pastel Pink

Pinks aren't reserved for childhood bedrooms, no-no. In calmer, earthier shades, pink injects fun and positive energy into a room. The romantic colour can definitely bring an element of peace to a space. Fun and energetic, brighter shades of pink with more red create more of an inspirational mood whilst muted shades feel soft and relaxing.

Top Tip: Pink can feel intense so try using it in patterns or accents around your room. 

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Which colours do you like using in your home to boost your mood?

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