3 Lighting Must Haves for a Multifunctional Space

Lighting can make or break a space. And in the depths of winter, it feels more important than ever to have your room lit in a functional yet beautiful way. It can often be an afterthought or left til the absolute very last minute. I believe this to be a mistake because once it's installed you have to live with it day in, day out. With my 3 lighting must haves, those cosy evenings in by the fire - or your misty mornings at your desk never looked so good! 

Something Moody

Ambient lighting is the foundational layer of your lighting scheme. It's your bread and butter, creating a canvas to layer on top of. This usually includes your ceiling lighting, wall lights and any natural light.

This moody background lighting can often be overlooked in a home's design and we tend to think spotlights and ceiling lighting. Table lighting, however, is a Grandad's Shed favourite as it covers all three areas of practicality and versatility. 

Pendant lighting is now very popular and generally, ceiling lights traditionally were rather unattractive and often overlooked. Not any more! Pendant lights have the power to really transform your room. Hanging pendant lights or a chandelier in your bedroom is a great way to add not only light but beauty and elegance. 

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Something Functional

Now let's add something with a practical focus. Task lighting does exactly what it says on the tin, it lights up a space (or part of it) to help you carry out a specific task. If you have a reading nook in the corner of your living room then this might look like a floor lamp to help you relax and devour your books. If you have a desk space in your living room, the light might be a little more direct, perhaps a bright table light over your work station. Often these lights are a little more functional in their looks such as adjustable arms - although that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. 

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Something Creative

Now we're down to the last and most funs step - mood lighting! This is where we can really let our creativity run wild. It's perfect for cosy evenings around a fire or pouring a glass of wine with a friend. Ambient lighting is used to create drama in a room, highlighting your artwork, fun architectural elements of your room or adding a glow to your bookshelves. 

Some of our favourites are lanterns, string lights, light strips or using dimmable bulbs to enhance your table and ceiling lights.

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Lighting really is a powerful tool in your interior design toolkit. It has the power to be beautiful, functional and set the mood of the room. 

If you want some help with planning lighting in your space, get in touch today or visit the Vicki Kress Interiors page here.

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